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We are Artists!

Today we drew our first Christmas tree! We looked at the shapes that we needed; a tall triangle, lots of small circles and a rectangle at the bottom.  We did a fantastic job, well done nursery!


Mini Mile Monday and the Swings


During our Mini Mile Monday we decided that we wanted to push each other on the swings. Some of us were super confident and wanted to have a go straight away. Some of us needed encouragement from our friends. In the end we all had a swing, we all pushed each other.



Nursery and the Bear Hunt!


We re-told the story of the Bear Hunt in nursery by using actions. We then made our very first story maps in groups. On our Mini Mile Monday we went on an actual bear hunt! We found the bear at the end, he was nice, we found out he was just lonely. Now the bear lives in our Book Corner. We look after him!


Miss L O'Connell and Mrs L Durrante are enjoying working with our lovely Nursery children.