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Our Approach

Our approach to behaviour and relationships


We are a nurturing, inclusive school and aim for every member of our school community to feel valued and respected. Through a culture of support and guidance, which is fair and restorative, pupils develop and reach their full potential. It is the belief that every child should be given Unconditional Positive Regard and we are committed to ensuring that our school develops a Trauma Informed Approach. Our approach will ensure that all of our pupils develop positive mental health and resilience, enabling them to fully engage in life and learning.


Fox Hill supports the belief that children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, feel safe and are engaged. Any child or young person who is anxious or unhappy at school or home for any reason is unlikely to thrive in their education. This is likely to have a detrimental effect on their mental health and well-being. There is a growing body of research and understanding of the impact of Childhood Adversity Experiences (ACE) on long term mental and physical health and the protective factors that mitigate the potential impact. It is our aim to maximise the protective factors of school by creating an environment of safety that has strong, positive and supportive relationships at its heart. 


At Fox Hill Primary School we expect everybody to model our core values of Kindness, Curiosity, Self-belief and Pride, and our school rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe. We believe that when all adults model this behaviour then children will also do the same. We want all of our children to feel cared for and supported at all times and therefore, inappropriate behaviour is always addressed calmly and privately. To promote the positives, first attention is always given to the best conduct.


At Fox Hill we aim to encourage a positive and stimulating environment where children will feel comfortable, valued and assured of success. We believe in providing every child with the opportunity to experience an inspirational education academically, emotionally and socially. We strongly believe that by identifying the barriers to learning, we can provide an inspiring and relevant curriculum that considers the whole child and provides the necessary support for pupils to achieve, develop and reach their true potential.


It is the responsibility of every adult in school to ensure that children understand what is expected in terms of behaviour. We have a whole school relational and restorative approach to behaviour and we ensure that behaviour standards are consistent throughout the school.


For more information please see our Positive Behaviour Management and Relationships Policy.