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Late/Absence Procedures

Unexplained Absences Procedure


All schools are required to monitor attendance, as unauthorised absences have to be declared and published. If your child is to be absent, please contact the school before 9.00 am. You can call and leave a message on the absence line, email the school secretary or complete the absence form within the ParentMail app.


If we have not heard from you by 9.30am then we will start to call the contact numbers that you provided in order to gain an explanation for the absence. Should we be unable to contact any of the contacts on your list, a home visit may be deemed necessary to establish the reason for your child's absence.


This procedure is to ensure that we know where your child is and that you are all safe.


Late arrivals


Children who arrive late to school must be signed in at the office. Please remember to advise the office if they need to order a school lunch. 


In accordance with current guidance, the attendance registers are closed at 9.30am.  This means that any pupil who arrives after the registration period (8.40am to 8.55am) but before the registers are closed (9.30am) will be given a late mark (L) in the register.  This code is classed as a present mark, but displays that the pupil arrived late for school.  Any pupil who arrives after the registers have closed (9.30am) but before the end of the morning session will be given a "late after registers closed" mark (U) in the register.  This code is classed as an unauthorised absence but displays that the pupil was physically present in school for part of the session.


In addition to using the L and U codes, office staff will also use the facility within the SIMS attendance module to record the number of minutes late for each pupil, on each occasion.  This facility will allow staff to monitor lateness more effectively and share such information with parents.


Collecting your child during school hours


If children need to leave the premises during the day they will need to be accompanied by an adult and "signed out" at the school office.

How to report an absence

  • ParentMail - accessing online or via app.
  • Telephone - 01344 421 809, selecting option for reporting absence
  • Email - stating reason and period of time your child will be absent from school.