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Year 3



Miss Ellison (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Shelton (Wednesday to Friday) and Mrs Prior look forward to working with the class this year.

Our topic this term is What does it mean to be British?

Please read the Curriculum Newsletter for this term to find out more about what the children will be learning. 


Please see below the Year 3 homework project for the first half of the Autumn term.



Want to know how you can support your child this year?

Have a look at the key information below.


P.E: Year 3 will have PE on Mondays and Thursdays this term. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit. 


Library: Our library day will be a Monday. We will encourage children to select appropriate books to read independently or a book that we can read with them. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, library books will stay in school.


Reading books: We are committed to developing your children as enthusiastic and confident readers and have always had a great system of sending and changing reading books and communicating with parents through reading records. With the current situation regarding COVID-19 we need to make some changes to avoid items travelling to and from school and potentially contaminating our bubbles.

With this in mind your child will be issued one, banded, reading book each Friday. They may keep this for the week and we would encourage you to read the book at home with them. On the following Friday, they need to return the book to school where it will be placed in a quarantine box. Your child will then be issued with a new book. They will only be issued with a new reading book when the old one is returned. We will not be sending home reading records. If you have a pressing comment or message for the class teacher, please pop it on a post-it note or piece of paper inside the book. Your child does not have to change their book. If they require more time with the text they may keep it until the following Friday.

Whilst in the past we have changed books more regularly, we are sure you will understand the challenges of quarantining and cleaning each book before it can go back into circulation. We would encourage you to supplement your child's school reading book with books from home, articles, comics, poetry etc. We will continue to read a wide range of books and other texts in school. 

Many thanks for your continued support as we navigate this challenging time.

Want to challenge yourself to read more?

Here are a list of books that are recommended as the 'Top Books to read in Year 3 and 4.' How many have you read so far?

Spelling: By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all of the Year 3 and 4 spellings which you can see below. We will be working on these words in school and it would be great if the children could practise them at home too. 


This term, we are revisiting alternative spelling patterns that the children will have been taught in Year 2. Have a look at the picture below. Ask your child if they can sing you the song and show you the actions that go with it!!




The children will have 10 spellings sent home on a Wednesday based on the spelling patterns that we have looked at that week. They will be tested on these spellings the following week so please spend time learning them at home. 

We have attached some ideas below for different ways that your child could learn their spellings. 

Times tables: All children should have access to Times Tables Rock Stars to allow them to improve their multiplication facts. If you do not have your child's login details please let us know.


Below is a useful fact sheet for up to the 9 times table. If you know the facts on this sheet then you will also know the other related times table facts as the numbers can be swapped around. For example, by knowing that 2x6=12 you then also know that 6x2=12. I wonder if this might help you to know your times tables more quickly?!