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Vision and Mission

Our 1, 3 and 5 year Vision Plan

Our Vision:

To be an inspirational school where learning is a journey of excitement and where every child is nurtured to thrive, believe in themselves and be empowered to succeed. 


We strive to achieve this through the following mission.


Our Mission:

At Fox Hill Primary School, our values of kindness, curiosity, self-belief and pride are nurtured to promote success and high aspirations for the future. We provide an inspiring and nurturing school experience built on positive relationships where children are cared for, supported and challenged. We empower children to take pride in everything they do and to show kindness and respect to all, upholding a strong sense of belonging. Through a diverse and engaging curriculum, we ignite curiosity and inspire children to aim high and explore new learning, developing their independence and self-belief, enabling all as life-long learners to reach their full potential.