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Year 5



The staff in Year 5 are Mrs Filisetti (teacher) and Mrs Collins (teaching assistant).  Miss Ellison will be taking the class on Fridays.



Please be aware that all children are expected to wear their PE kit to school every Thursday and Friday. 



The Autumn Term Curriculum Map below is shown below - this shows you what the children will be learning in each subject over the course of the term.

Year 5 Autumn Term Curriculum Map


As with all previous years, it is VERY IMPORTANT that Year 5 children READ as much as possible at home and also discuss their book with an adult.  They also need to know all of their TIMES TABLES so please support them with this too - they can use Times Tables Rock Stars if they want to.


Spelling homework will be set every Tuesday to be returned the following Tuesday (or earlier!)  The children will be tested on the spellings used in their homework each week.


Each half term the children will also be set a project to work on at home which they will share with the class before the half term break every 6 weeks (approximately).  This half term's project is detailed below:

Autumn first half term homework Year 5



Year 5 have continued to impress with their Extreme Earth homework projects.  We have had volcanoes in many different forms brought in and some have even erupted - but the tastiest piece of homework was definitely Kit's chocolate cake volcano, complete with red and yellow lava made from icing!





Year 5 have already started bringing in and sharing their homework projects linked to our Extreme Earth topic - and they have been amazing!  We have had information posters about quicksand, mountains and volcanoes as well as some 3D models of tsunamis, some erupting volcanoes and even a simulation of an earthquake.  The children have all presented their work to the class with confidence and have obviously gained much from working on these projects - a huge thank you to their parents for supporting them!





As part of our Science topic on the Sun, Earth and Moon, we carried out an experiment with our shadows to find out how they change  throughout the day.  We established that a shadow appears when an object blocks the light and over the course of the day, our shadows changed in size and in direction.  This is because the Earth is rotating on its own axis (which makes it seem as if the Sun is moving in the sky) and so the sunlight is hitting Earth at different angles as it revolves.





Year 5 really enjoyed their trial session with Michael who teaches Martial Arts as an after-school club in the school hall.  He taught us how to stand to deliver punches and kicks and gave us the opportunity to practise using the pads - some of the children looked quite terrifying!





As part of our learning about Extreme Earth, Year 5 have looked at what is going on beneath our feet, deep underground.  The children learned about the Earth's core as well as its mantle and crust.  This helps us understand why volcanoes exist.



3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

In Year 5 we are starting off the year with a Science topic of Earth and Space.  We began by thinking about what we already know about Space and HOW we know these things.  This got us thinking about satellites and rockets - so we used our knowledge of things that fly to design and make our own mini-rockets and launched them with a big puff and a straw!  The children had lots of ideas on how to improve their rockets and on how we could adapt the experiment - we will be considering these later in the term.