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Year 6



The staff in Year 6 are Mrs Filisetti and Mrs Collins (Teaching Assistant).  Mrs Davies will also be taking the class on Fridays.


Please be aware that all children are expected to have their PE kit in school every Monday ready for the week ahead - we will be checking this so please support your child by helping them organise themselves.


Please see our Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter for details on what we will be learning until the end of the school year.


For the second half of the Summer term, Year 6 children will be expected to spend a minimum of half an hour each week on their country projects (they will also have time in class to work on these).  All of the class have chosen a country which they want to find out more about - some children are working in small groups whilst others are working alone.  They all have a checklist of information which they are expected to research (for example, famous people from that country; typcial foods; what religions are practised there; what is the climate like; famous man-made attractions as well as famous naturally occurring attractions) and they should be thinking about how to make their chosen country sound as impressive as possible!  In the last week of term, we will be holding a Year 6 Travel Show when everyone will be presenting their information to all Year 6 parents - which country will you be convinced to visit?



Remember to learn your spellings every week - you will be tested every Friday!

You also need to know ALL of your times tables.

By the end of Year 6, all children should aim to read as many of the 'Top 100 books to read in Y5 and Y6'. We have most (if not all) of these books in school, either in the library or in the Y6 book corner. Please encourage your child to read and to enjoy their chosen book!

September 2018: Creating our Solar System

In our first few days of this term we all worked on creating a 3D solar system.  We each had a planet to decorate using our knowledge of the appearance of the planets.  Saturn was quite challenging to make due to its rings so we worked on this planet in pairs.  The finished planets look great and we now have 3 solar systems displayed in the classroom and along the corridor!

September 2018: Roald Dahl Day

In recognition of the amazing talents of Roald Dahl, we joined many other schools nationwide in celebrating Roald Dahl Day on 13th September.  Some of us chose to dress up as a Roald Dahl book character - we had James and Aunt Spiker from 'James and the Giant Peach', Charlie from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', Sophie from 'The BFG' to name but a few!  Can you tell who was dressed as which character in the photo below?


Some of us wore something yellow in colour instead of dressing up - this was in recognition of yellow being Roald Dahl's favourite colour.


During our English lesson, we looked at Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes' in which he puts a comical twist to many well-known fairy stories.  We had fun acting them out to the class and performing each entertaining tale!

September 2018: Visit to Winchester Science Centre

To kick-start our Space topic, Y5 and Y6 visited the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.  We took part in a Discover Space workshop where we looked at how light is used in telescopes to explore the Universe beyond our reach.  We then had time to explore the new interactive zone called Explorer: Space where some of us even dressed up in an astronaut suit.  The highlight of the day was the awesome Planetarium where we took part in a show called Our Solar System and Beyond.  Comments heard from the Y6 class were "This is so cool!", "Wow look at all of the stars!" and "This is unbelievable!"  In addition to all of that excitement, we also had time to explore the hands-on exhibits, all of which demonstrated Scientific concepts.

September 2018 - Preparing for the commemoration of WW1

November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1.  As a school, we were fortunate to have a visit from Councillor Gill Birch from Bracknell Forest Council - she gave an assembly to explain how Bracknell Forest will be commemorating this anniversary and also gave us lots of fascinating facts about WW1.  Did you know that tissues and tea bags were invented during the Great War?  Or that Bracknell was a small village then but lost many of its young men who had gone off to fight?  We were also told of some exciting competitions being held for children.  Year 6 have entered a Poetry competition after a workshop to help us write War Poetry.  We also completed some artwork and had a class vote to decide which pieces of art should be reproduced onto canvases and entered into the competition.  These canvases will be displayed in an exhibition at South Hill Park - what an amazing opportunity for our young artists!

October Homework Projects

Year 6 were tasked with creating a Space project of their choosing in the first half term of the school year, to link with our cross-curricular topic in school.  The work produced has been phenomenal and all of the children who produced a project have presented their work to the class with confidence and clarity.  There were some amazing solar system models with information as well as an amazing satellite, rockets of various shapes and sizes and even a fantastic lunar rover! 

Staying Safe Online

On 16th October, Year 6 went to St Michael's Primary School to join the Year 6s there for a very lively and entertaining production all about Internet Safety.  Throughout the play, we learned about digital resilience, online bullying, critical thinking, online peer pressure and also privacy settings.  The children were all encouraged to question the information which they find online, including the profile details of strangers.  They were also asked to think twice when posting comments which might be meant as a joke but which might actually upset or hurt someone.  The performance was very informative and gave us much to think about.

Restart a Heart training

Across the UK, there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospital every year, but the survival rate is less than 1 in 10. 16th October is National Restart a Heart Day every year and this year, Year 6 were very fortunate to receive some training from several Paramedics and people from the Fire Service.  We were shown how to carry out CPR on the mannequins so that we can all now act to restart a heart.  Hopefully, we will never need to use this skill, but if we do, we could make a big difference to someone's survival.

Happy Diwali!

Aiyana presented a fantastic assembly to the whole school all about Diwali which she celebrated with her family on 7th November.  She told us all about the story of Rama and Sita; showed us clothes that she and her brother wear for the celebration; shared a photograph of some of the food she ate and also enthused about the fireworks she had watched!  She spoke confidently, answered questions from the audience and also involved other children by questioning them about their celebrations.  Great job Aiyana!

Congratulations from the Mayor of Bracknell

On 13th November, the Mayor came into the school assembly to award certificates to Year 6 for their World War 1 poetry completed earlier this term.  Summer and Zuzanna also received special commendation certificates for their work.  All children were complimented on the standard of their work.

Musical Motifs

As part of our Space topic this term, we have been finding out about the composer Gustav Holst and his famous piece of music, The Planet Suite.  One of the compositions within the whole suite is named Uranus and in this piece of music, Holst used a motif which is a repeating pattern of notes, played by many different instruments throughout.  Using this idea, Year 6 created their own motifs using the glockenspiels and xylophones.  Some of the pairs even managed to compose a piece of music for their motif to repeat throughout.  

Miller's Farm Visit

A big thank you to the PTA for funding and arranging a visit to school from Miller's Farm.  Our playground temporarily was a home to sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, geese and rabbits!  The children were allowed to join their animals in their pens if they wished to do so and so had a real hands-on experience with the animals.

It's Panto Time!

On December 4th, the whole school went to South Hill Park to watch the pantomime of Dick Whittington.  It was a very entertaining performance enjoyed by all - and our very own Mrs Ball had a starring roll!  A big thank you to Mrs Coxell for providing us all with snacks and drinks in the interval too.


On two very cold and wet, murky days in December, 9 members of Year 6 took part in Bikeability training.  This is similar to the old cycling proficiency and is designed to ensure our children are able to ride safely and responsibly on the roads.  The trainers were very complimentary towards the children involved and were impressed with their behaviour and attitudes.  All 9 children completed both the level 1 and level 2 course successfully - a big WELL DONE to all of them!

Church Assemblies

Since September, every two weeks, the ladies from St Michael's Church have been coming into Fox Hill on a Wednesday morning to perform a Bible story with the whole school.  Children are often needed to help with the performance and Year 6 are in the privileged position of often being asked to provide these additional actors.  The photos below show a performance of Daniel and the lions which taught us all about making good decisions and not being easily led by other people who may not have our best interests at heart.

Maths, Art and DT all in one lesson!

As we come towards the end of our topic on Space, we have put our Maths skills to the test in creating a scaled model of the solar system.  We all started off with a lump of clay which had to be split into tenths to start with.  We then followed instructions on how many tenths needed to be amalgamated to create each of the gas giants and the remaining clay was then put together and split into tenths again.  Each of these tenths were either added to the gas giants, used to make smaller planets - or split into yet more fractions to create the tiny Mercury!  Once the clay had dried, we then used paint to ensure the planets were coloured appropriately, adding detail to them and rings around Saturn.  Lastly, the planets needed a 'galaxy' to be displayed on which was created using various materials.

Amazing Athletes

The Spring term kicked off with an Athletics competition held at Bracknell Leisure Centre.  Fox Hill was represented by some Year 5 children (Gladys, Mikey, Akhil) and several Year 6 children: Lucas, Dale, Ebony, Sophie A, Alfie E, Kelsie.  Although we didn't qualify for the finals, all of the children performed brilliantly and were fantastic representatives of the school.  Thank you to Mrs Collins and Mr McBride for making this possible.

Number Ninjas!

On January 22nd, 4 members of Year 6 went to Eagle House School to participate in a Maths Challenge. Scarlett and Aiyana formed one team while Advait and Ananth formed the other.  They were competing against over 80 teams from other schools (both private and state schools) and had to perform maths calculations under pressure in several different rounds - countdown, algebra and word problems.  We are immensely proud of the children for holding their nerve is such a pressurised atmosphere - especially as they scored so highly!  The girls were positioned 20th and the boys 44th - fantastic!  Thanks again to Mrs Collins for taking the children and for helping the afternoon run so smoothly.

New Age Kurling 

On 23rd January, Frazier and Jack (from Year 5) and Jamie F and Konrad (from Year 6) took part in an inter-schools New Age Kurling competition.  This was a totally new sport for all participants and an exciting opportunity to be part of.  All 4 children represented the school brilliantly and were placed an admirable 5th overall.  

Beowulf New Reports

As part of our learning about the Vikings, we have been studying the story of Beowulf in English lessons.  After spending some time looking at and discussing the story, we created news reports as if we were reporting on the death of the famous warrior.  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Y6 Rocks!

Every morning, Year 6 practise their times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars.  There has been a noticeable improvement in the speed of recall of times tables facts by some of the children, especially those who arrive at school promptly and get onto the ipads quickly.  The class regularly challenge each other and are becoming very competitive!

Healthy Week

From Monday 25th February, Fox Hill had a school-wide Healthy Week which included the whole school doing the daily mile and lots of other different activities.  The week was kicked-off by Mrs Smith in Monday's assembly when we all got moving and thought about what we put into our bodies.  Less than half of the school thought that they ate 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables each day and some children did not seem to realise how bad it is that nationally, children eat 3 times more sugar than the recommended amount each day on average.  Year 6 spent some time investigating the amount of sugar in everyday foods and the most startling findings were that there is 350g sugar in 1 kg of crunchy nut cornflakes - that's over a third of the box!!  And that tomato ketchup has more sugar per 100g than a can of Coke.


After learning about the sugar content of some foods, we then spent some time thinking about easy exercises and in particular, skipping!  Some of us really struggled to skip with a rope but some of us could do various skipping tricks!  We all enjoyed using the long rope to skip in small groups and challenged each other to see who could run-in and jump the most.  It was quite exhausting!!

Butser Ancient Farm

As part of our Topic learning about the Vikings, we visited Butser Ancient Farm in March.  We were lucky that it didn't rain as we were outside all day - much like the Vikings would have been!  After some time in a longhouse learning about how it had been built using traditional methods, we then had a series of workshops trying our hands at various Viking skills. 


First we had some sheep's wool to try to spin into wool - this was really tricky and even though we all had a length of wool by the end of the session, we would have barely been able to make a scarf for a mouse with it all!  Our second activity was carving - we used a piece of flint and a lump of chalk to practise carving letters or pictures, just like the Vikings may have done.  We also learned how to use a dock leaf to 'paint' the rock green which we could then carve into for a more impressive effect.


After some lunch, our last two activities were archaeology and wattling.  We were taught how real archaeologists 'dig' gently and carefully - and then had a go at doing so ourselves.  We found all sorts of 'treasure'!  Lastly, we used long branches of hazel to weave between some posts to make a fence.  This was harder than it looked and needed some brute force.  The Vikings would have then daubed a mixture of clay, straw and animal poo onto the wattle fences to create the walls of their houses - thankfully we were not required to do that bit!

Google Assembly

We were very lucky to have a visit from a team from Google to talk to Key Stage 2 about how we all use the internet.  The focus was on using it safely and also protecting ourselves.  It was a fun and interactive assembly which hopefully we all learned from.

National Science Week

To mark this national week of recognition, the whole of Fox Hill (from Nursery to Year 6) embarked on 5 days of Science investigations, experiments and tests.  Each day started with an assembly which was followed by Scientific activities back in class.  Our findings were then reported back to the rest of the school in the following day's assembly.  All children embraced this opportunity to develop enquiring minds and to use more scientific vocabulary.

On Monday we all investigated which biscuits are best for dunking!  Although there were a few anomalies in our results, most classes agreed that Rich Tea biscuits are the least likely to fall apart in your cup of tea!  Year 6 considered the fat and sugar content of the biscuit selection and realised that the less fat and sugar there is, the less likely the biscuit is to fall apart in a liquid.

On Tuesday we investigated when it is useful for something to absorb liquid - we used 5 different brands of paper towel to find which one was the most absorbent.  Most of us predicted that the budget paper towels were not very effective - the two winners were Plenty and Asda's Power towels!
On Wednesday we were considering the forces involved in allowing objects to float.  We started off with a ball of clay which sank in a tank of water.  We then had to remodel the clay to make it float.  Once we had achieved that, we were challenged to see how much weight our little 'boats' could hold - some of the children realised that more clay would make a bigger boat so they combined resources and ended up making a clay floating vessel which could hold over 500g!
On Thursday we investigated the forces in levers - namely catapults!  These were quite tricky to make but once built, we experimented with the fulcrum (or pivot) in different positions to see what made it most efficient.  Then on the last day of Science week, we used balloons to investigate static electricity:
In addition to all of this investigative work linked to our Science assemblies, Year 6 have also been completing work on their Science topic for this half term: Light.  We have looked at opaque, transluscent and transparent objects and have compared the shadows created by these using the grey scale.
We have also planned and carried out an investigation into shadow length in relation to the angle of the light source.
To draw an end to our Science Week. Year 6 held a Science Fair in the hall and invited all of our parents to visit us so that we could show off all we had learned.  In groups, we presented all of the experiments carried out this week and explained the Scientific knowledge behind each one.  We all spoke confidently and made Mrs Filisetti very proud!

Easter Experience At St Michael's Church

We were fortunate to be invited to St Michael's Church on 18th March for their Easter Experience.  We took part in 6 different mini-workshops which focused on reflection and contemplation using the Easter story as a stimulus.  Some of the children thought deeply about the dilemmas and difficulties we face every day and considered how we can help ourselves cope with these.

Concluding our Viking Learning

As the end of term fast approaches, Year 6 have concluded their learning about Vikings with a DT project of designing and making a Viking Longship. The design brief was to make a realistic-looking boat with an interchangeable dragon head and tail, with a rudder and oars.  Have a look at some of our finished boats - they turned out really well!

Year 6's last term at Fox Hill

To mark the last term of our schooling at Fox Hill, all Year 6s who wanted one have ordered a Leaver's hoodie to wear in the final few months.  This has become a bit of a tradition at Fox Hill and the children love to wear their new tops.  Many of the previous Year 6s can still be seen in their Leaver's hoodies so they obviously remain a treasured souvenir!

Ratio: Making Mocktails

Year 6 have started the Summer term by learning about ratio in Maths.  To consolidate this learning and to recognise the practical implications, we had a lesson of making mocktails!  Using different fruit juices in different ratios, we experimented to make the best tasting drink.  A favourite had to be the Fruity Filisetti!

Dragon Eyes

To finish our Viking topic - and to also give us some 'down-time' during SATs week - we have designed and sculpted some dragon eyes out of clay.  We used a manufactured eyeball at the centre of our pieces and then created our own effective setting for it.  The finished products look fantastic - do come and have a look at them on our display.

End-of-SATs-week day out

To celebrate all of our hard work in the run-up to the SATs - and of course for all of the SATs as well - Year 6 had a day out at The Lookout to let off some steam and to just have some fun.  We had lots of time to play 'tag' in the adventure play area as well as to create some dens in the woods.  We also tried to make a camp fire with pieces of wood but (thankfully) we were unsuccessful!

Smartie Investigation

Year 6 have spent the week post-SATs carrying out a Smartie investigation.  We all had a tube of Smarties and we investigated the mean number of smarties in each pack (32), the range of Smarties (30 to 34) and we created both bar charts and pie charts to show how many colours we received (there are 8 colours altogether but some packs only have 7 colours in them.  We estimated and then calculated how many Smarties would be needed to match our own heights and also the distance all of our Smarties would cover if we laid them all out in a line.  We also created nets to construct new packaging and also symmetrical patterns using the sweets.  Best of all, we got to eat them!

Residential trip to Mill on the Brue

We have arrived safely at Mill on the Brue and have moved into our tents! About to go for lunch before afternoon activities.

Day 1: Raft building, canoes, the tower jump and lots of team building! Many children faced their fears today and were really pushed to escape their ‘comfort zones’.
Day 2: Some more canoeing...
... and the water slide!
Then some more raft building, the leap of faith and the zip wire. Lots of very brave children challenging themselves and having amazing experiences.
Day 3: we’re all feeling tired after a chilly night in the tents (we all got extra blankets!)  Last activity before we head back to Bracknell - the potato challenge! In our 2 groups, we had to work out how to transport a potato across the river, then build a fire to cook it on!