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Year 6



The staff in Year 6 are Mrs Filisetti (teacher), Mrs Collins and Mrs Samuelson (teaching assistants).  Miss Ellison will also be taking the class on Fridays.


Please be aware that all children are expected to have their PE kit in school every Monday ready for the week ahead - we will be checking this so please support your child by helping them organise themselves.


Please see our Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter for details on what we will be learning until the end of the term.

Remember to learn your spellings every week - you will be tested every Thursday!

You also need to know ALL of your times tables.


By the end of Year 6, all children should aim to read as many of the 'Top 100 books to read in Y5 and Y6'. We have most (if not all) of these books in school, either in the library or in the Y6 book corner. Please encourage your child to read and to enjoy their chosen book!

 Year 6 Homework Project Autumn Term – second half term

As this is their final year at this school, this half term, all Year 6 children are expected to produce a project all about Fox Hill Primary School. 

The children can choose any aspect of Fox Hill School that they would like to learn more about and research it over the next 6 weeks.  Everyone will be expected to present their finished work to the class during the last week of the half term so all projects should be in school on Monday 16th December 2019.  It would be helpful if you could support your child in practising how they will present their work in an interesting and informative way.

 The project could take the form of written work and/or art work, it could be a 3D model or perhaps a combination of all of these.  We appreciate that some children would like to create a PowerPoint presentation or even a video for their projects but unfortunately these cannot be brought into school via email attachment or memory stick.  If necessary, work can be printed out and used.

Some suggestions for projects are below but children are welcome to choose their own ideas.  It should be something they are genuinely interested in and would like to find out more about.

  • A presentation which could be given to local businesses which would encourage them to invest in Fox Hill Primary School
  • A prospectus for parents which tells them all about Fox Hill Primary School
  • An information booklet for children which tells them all about Fox Hill Primary School
  • A project of the history of Fox Hill Primary School.
  • A piece of artwork which depicts Fox Hill Primary School
  • A 3D model of Fox Hill Primary School

It is important that these projects are the children’s own work.  Giving the children this responsibility for an ongoing piece of homework is good practise for secondary school and we hope they enjoy the flexibility of this task.  Paper is available from the classroom if required.

The Ancient Greece projects last half term were AMAZING (photos below) and we look forward to seeing the fantastic work on this new topic.

Anti-Bullying Week

From Monday 11 November to Friday 15 November 2019 it is Anti-Bullying Week in England and 12 November is Odd Socks Day. Anti-Bullying Week aims to raise awareness and provide schools, parents, carers, children and young people with the information and tools they need to try and help stop bullying and bring lasting change to children’s lives. One of the initiatives that forms part of Anti-Bullying Week each year is Odd Socks Day – but what does that mean and why do we wear odd socks for one specific day in November? Why do we wear odd socks during Anti-Bullying week? Designed to be a fun and light-hearted way to encourage people to express themselves, Odd Socks Day is one of the ways that the organisers behind Anti-Bullying Week, the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), hope to raise awareness of bullying. ‘It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique,’ the ABA explains on their website.

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Ancient Greece Homework Projects

The Year 6s produced some absolutely amazing homework projects on the theme of Ancient Greece this half term.  It was really enjoyable to see all of their hard work and nearly everyone presented their work to the class in a confident and knowledgeable manner.  Thank you to parents for supporting the children with this homework project.

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Picture 6

Our Budding Playwright

Ruby in Year 6 has spent the first half term writing a play, recruiting actors to star in it, directing them during their break times and lunch times and then creating props for the play in her own time.  Today (23rd October) Ruby and her cast performed the finished play to the rest of the class and I have to say, I was blown away at the talent and professionalism on display!  It was so well-written, learned and choreographed.  We have so much talent in our class - I cannot wait for all of the children to be able to demonstrate these skills to a wider audience in the end of year production!

Restart a Heart

16th October is 'National Restart a Heart Day' every year and to mark this occasion, Year 6 were fortunate to have two members of the ambulance service visit us and teach us how to perform hands-only CPR.  We were told that it is far better to at least attempt to perform CPR on someone who is unconscious and not breathing than to hold back for fear of breaking a rib.  We discovered for ourselves how exhausting it is to continue heart compressions even just for 2 minutes - yet this action could easily save somebody's life.  Mrs Filisetti has already booked Morgan or Gladys in Year 6 to perform CPR on her should she ever need it as they were both very effective in their actions!

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Roots to Food

The amazing Darren from Roots to Food visited Fox Hill again this October to share with us his culinary mastery.  Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 each had a session learning how to prepare and cook a Chicken curry (and a chick pea version for vegetarians).  The children worked in groups to cut, dice, steam, fry, simmer, present - and eat - their dish.  They all enjoyed the experience and co-operated well in their teams to produce a meal fit for a king - or a head teacher!

World Mental Health Day

Fox Hill school celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10th October and showed solidarity with people suffering from mental health issues by wearing yellow to school - this showed sufferers that we were thinking of them.  We talked in assembly and in class about how important our mental health is and what we can do to try to look after it.  Some things we can all do to look after ourselves are: 

●Eating well
●Sleeping well
●Drinking plenty of water
●Talking to people we trust about how we feel
●Doing activities we enjoy
●Having good friends
●Working towards our goals


We also need to remember to Talk, Listen and Tell.

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Harvest Assembly

On 9th October, the whole of Fox Hill celebrated with an outstanding Harvest Assembly.  Reverend David joined us from his church in Binfield and gave an inspiring presentation about us all having a star inside us and how we need to look after ourselves in order to allow that star to shine brightly.  The whole school sang several sonds and each class contributed to teh whole assembly with a song, a poem or a rap!  We had songs in English, French and also in sign language - what a skilled group of children we have!  The Year 6 house captains narrated the whole assembly, ending with the important message: 'We need to live more simply, so that others can simply live.'  Many of the children brought in contributions to be shared with others less fortunate than ourselves and these will be distributed accordingly.


11 Year 6 children signed up for Bikeability training in October.  After ensuring their bikes were road-worthy and their helmets fitted correctly, the children were taught a number of skills on the playground first.  Some found it quite challenging to cycle while looking behind them and to cycle one-handed while indicating to make a turn.  Those children who mastered these skills were able to progress onto the road for the next level of training.  Unfortunately this was not all of the group which was disappointing for a few children but obviously, their safety is of paramount importance.  Congratulations to those who managed their bikes safely and confidently and who completed the course.

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Science: Evolution and Inheritance (Sept 2019)

This week in Science, we learned about Charles Darwin and his research on the Galapagos Islands.  He spent some time watching hte Galapagos Finches, birds unique to the islands.  When bad weather affected plant growth and there were fewer seeds to eat, the offspring had to eat larger seeds that would not normally be part of their diet in order to survive.Only the offspring with large beaks could break open and eat the larger seeds. Therefore, these offspring survived and the other, smaller beaked offspring died. The Galapagos finches with large beaks reproduced and had offspring. More of these offspring inherited large beaks and so Galapagos finch species started to evolve to have longer beaks. This is an example of how animals and plants adapt to their changing environment. This process of adaptation is natural selection.

We investigated how different types of bird beaks are more suited to different types of food.  Our 'beaks' were pegs, chopsticks, tweezers and a spoon.  The foods we had to try to pick up with our 'beaks' were raisins (berries), pipecleaners (worms), pennies (beetles) and rice (seeds).  Ask any of the children in Year 6 to explain what they learned!

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Visit to Ufton Court (Sept 2019)

To 'hook' us into our learning about Ancient Greece, Y5 and Y6 visited Ufton Court to take part in several workshops all designed to teach us about the Greeks.  When we arrived, we became members of the merchant classes, exploring new regions and the city states.  We found out about several city states, including what Gods they worshipped, what goods they had to trade with other states  and also what the people who lived there had to do to survive.


We also learned some key skills which would have been needed to survive.  The skills enabled the Ancient Greeks to be self-sufficient and also gave them products to trade with.


After a lunch break in the beautiful grounds of Ufton Court, we worked together to create different scenes of two Ancient Greeks myths, telling the story of Theseus and of Perseus.

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 1
Roald Dahl Day 2
Roald Dahl Day 3
Roald Dahl Day 4
Roald Dahl Day 5
Roald Dahl Day 6
Roald Dahl Day 7
Roald Dahl Day 8
Roald Dahl Day 9
Roald Dahl Day 10
Roald Dahl Day 11

Martial Arts Trial (Sept 2019)

On 11th September we were fortunate enough to be given a sample martial arts lesson to see if we want to join the after school martial arts club.  We had an introduction to the correct stance and also how to do basic punches and kicks.  As you can see from our photos, we had lots of fun - especially when we got to punch the pads held by Mrs Filisetti!