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Year 5



Mrs Shelton, Mrs Yau and Mrs Plumley look forward to working with the class this year.


PE: Please ensure your child has their full PE kit (including tracksuit bottoms and trainers) in school every Monday as PE will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday this term.


Our library day is on a Wednesday. Please encourage your child to share their chosen book with you.


Our theme this term is:



Please see our Autumn term curriculum newsletter for details of what we will be learning this term.
Remember to learn your spellings as you will be tested every Tuesday!
Year 5 have been working hard on developing their place value knowledge in maths. Why not have a go at this fun game at home to give them the chance to show off their knowledge and understanding?! 

Year 5 Homework Project Autumn Term – first half term


This half term, all Year 5 children are expected to produce a project on the theme of ANCIENT GREECE.  The children can choose any aspect of Ancient Greece that they would like to learn more about and research it over the next 6 weeks.  Everyone will be expected to present their finished work to the class during the last week of the half term so all projects should be in school on Monday 21st October.  It would be helpful if you could support your child in practising how they will present their work in an interesting and informative way.

 The project could take the form of written work and/or art work, it could be a 3D model or perhaps a combination of all of these. We appreciate that some children would like to create a Powerpoint presentation or even a video for their projects but unfortunately these cannot be brought into school via email attachment or memory stick.  If necessary, work can be printed out and used.

Some suggestions for projects are below but children are welcome to choose their own Ancient Greece-related topic.  It should be something they are genuinely interested in and would like to find out more about.  For example:


  • Greek Gods and Goddesses- choose a Greek God or Goddess to research and write a biography for. You could include photos and key information.
  • Greeks myths- research Ancient Greek myths and find an interesting way to present your findings. For example: a storyboard or cartoon.
  • Greek mythological beasts- find out about the different types of mythological beasts- what did they look like? Why were they important to the Greeks? Which story do they relate to? Are there artists who have used mythological beasts to influence their work? You could create a collage of a mythological beast and write a description of the beast and what you have found out about it.
  • Greek food- research the types of food eaten in Ancient Greece. You could create a menu with illustrations of the dishes and descriptions of the meals.
  • The original Olympic Games- you could write an information leaflet advertising the Olympic Games and answer questions such as: When did they begin? Where were the first Olympic Games held? Who took part?
  • Greek theatre- find out about Greek plays:  where they were performed; the shape of Greek theatres; what the actors wore; what the masks were made of. You could even create a Greek theatre or mask with instructions of how you made it. Or how about a diorama? (A model that represents a scene with 3D figures.)


It is important that these projects are the children’s own work - there is no value to printing pages from the internet.  Giving the children this responsibility for an ongoing piece of homework is good practise for secondary school and we hope they enjoy the flexibility of this task.


Roots to Food- Tuesday 15th October 2019


We were very lucky to have Darren, from Roots to Food, return to continue developing our cooking skills. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed being able to chop, dice, steam, marinade, fry, simmer and prepare the necessary ingredients to create their stunning Rogan Josh, sultana rice and naan bread dish. Keep an eye out for the recipe coming home!

Our trip to Ufton Court- Tuesday 17th September 2019


To kick off our topic about Ancient Greece, Year 5 and Year 6 visited Ufton Court and took part in several workshops that helped us to find out more about the Greeks. We became members of the merchant class and travelled to new regions and city states to discover more about them. Clues were found in the different city states to help us learn more about the Gods that they worshipped, what goods they had to trade and also about what the people had to do to survive. Year 5 decided that the Ancient Greeks had a tough life due to the things they had to do to survive: wattling fences; making fire and using hand cardles and a drop spindle to create thread which was then woven to make clothes. Have a look at the photos of us trying these skills and the other fun activities we completed throughout the day.

Roald Dahl Day- Friday 13th September 2019


We had great fun in Year 5 on Roald Dahl Day with some very impressive outfits! The classroom was full of colour with children who had chosen to wear yellow, as well as children who came dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl character. We were very impressed with the children's knowledge of Roald Dahl stories! Throughout the day, they enjoyed listening to some of Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes' as well as designing a new book cover for one of his stories. Year 5 also considered the behaviour of the characters Veruca and Violet from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' They reflected on how they would deal with 'sticky' situations by suggesting good choices and poor choices to reach a solution to the situation.