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Year 4


Hello Year 4 !!

You can find the daily work by clicking CHILDREN:HOME LEARNING:YEAR 4 at the top of the page.

You should all have a pack to keep you going which includes a comprehension, maths tasks, grammar and spellings. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn your times tables off by heart and practice all of your grammar skills. Don't forget the water cycle project attached at the bottom of this page too. 

Please keep reading for pleasure.

If you are able to get hold of a copy of 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q Rauf

(our class text) that would be great as we can continue with our learning on it. 

More soon - Mrs Cook x

Welcome to Year 4!


Our class teacher is Mrs Cook. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gleeson.


Year 4 have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please send PE kit in on Monday and leave in school for the whole week as sometimes PE days can change or there may be other activities or fixtures.


Copies of our curriculum newsletter and our homework project for this term can be found at the bottom of this page. 



Due in on 23rd March. Thank you laugh


We had a fantastic time during science week and enjoyed meeting the reptiles and the birds as well as carrying out multiple experiments! Below are attached a sample of the photos taken during our learning.

Good Food Challenge!

We had great fun doing the Good Food Challenge on Tuesday morning. We learned all about the different types of nutrition and how much we need of each type of food to help us grow and stay healthy.




Coming out of their Shell!

We loved having a visit from Maecie's tortoises at the beginning of the week. This little one is called Bow because of the lovely bow on the front of her shell!

Exciting Electricity!

In Science today (22.01.20) we were constructing and testing complete and incomplete circuits to see which ones made the light bulb shine. It was great fun, here are some pictures of us in action. 



Stonehenge Trip


Year 4 were able to walk into the steps of our Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge- described to be one of the world wonders! The children walked around the Stone Circle. The children were amazed and astonished at how the Stone Age people had engineered such a design, and how much effort would have been needed with only simple tools and technologies. They were also able to step inside the Neolithic Houses to discover the tools and objects of everyday Neolithic life.  A few of the children were lucky enough to talk to a volunteer and discuss how the houses were built using authentic materials and techniques, based on the evidence of dwellings found nearby.

Roald Dahl Day 2019


On Friday 13th September, Year 4 took part in Roald Dahl Day. The children either dressed up as characters from one of his many books, or they wore yellow- his favourite colour! In class, we looked at the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' The children became mischievous inventors just like Mr Wonka! They had the chance to become creative and think up a sweet treat of their own. In pairs, they thought about what their dream sweet/chocolate would look like, taste like, and be called using Roald Dahl's famous gobblefunk language. Once they created their poster advertising their new sweet treat, the children got even more inventive and made it come to life with some arts & crafts. 

Stone Age Cooking


Year 4 have been talking about the Stone Age diet and how people in the Stone Age would hunt and gather their own food. In class, they wrote a set of instructions before making the Stone Age inspired dish.  They have been getting busy in the kitchen and followed a Stone Age recipe for stewed fruit. We used lots of cooking skills, but unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to get photos of them during the process due to safety!

We hope they enjoyed it!

Science- Digestion


In Science, the children have been learning about digestion.


What is digestion?

Digestion is an important process in the human body. It helps us get the nutrients our body needs to stay healthy.

Where does it happen?

Digestion happens in the digestive system, which begins at the mouth and ends at the anus.

What happens during digestion?

Different things happen to food as it passes through the digestive system:

  • Food is broken down mechanically and chemically in the mouth.
  • The smaller molecules of food pass into the stomach and small intestine, where they continue to be broken down.
  • Digested food is absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine.
  • Excess water is absorbed back into the body in the large intestine.
  • Any undigested food passes out of the anus as faeces (poo) when we go to the toilet.


In order for the children to understand the process, we modelled the process using household items!

The clear plastic bag represents the stomach which is a large muscular sac that contains hydrochloric acid. It is able to churn the food, mixing it with the acid so that it can be broken down into even smaller molecules.

The food is then poured into the tights. This represents the small intestine inside the body which is where the nutrients from the food we have eaten is absorbed.

The small intestine is well adapted for digestion: it has thin walls, making it easy for food molecules to pass through into the blood stream.

The last stage of digestion involves the large intestine that absorbs water and any remaining nutrients from the small intestine. Once this has been done the waste products are then excreted from the body as faeces.


World Mental Health Day


On Thursday 10th October 2019, Fox Hill Primary School took part in the international World Mental Health Day. We wore 'yellow' to show our support to this important cause. This was in recognition to remind us, especially children, that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Just like we take care of ourselves physically through sleep, diet and exercise, we must take care of ourselves mentally otherwise it can impact our lives and our learning. The children learnt to 'Talk. Listen. Tell.' 

Roots to Food


This afternoon (Wednesday 15th October) we enjoyed expanding our cookery skills when Darren from Roots to Food came in to school. We made a chicken Rogan Josh with sultana rice and naan bread. The end result was really delicious. The recipe will be coming home so maybe Year 4 can have a go at making it for the family!


Here's what some of the children said:

"Yesterday, it was Roots to Food. I really liked it and I nearly ate it all!" Evie

"The food was good because it had lots of flavours and was healthy." Alesha

"Curry is my favourite food. I enjoyed making it but I liked eating it more!" Byron

"Thank you Darren for cooking with us. I don't really like curry - but I liked the one we made!" Isabella

"I liked the vegetarian option because instead of chicken, we used chick peas." Jacob P

"Thank you Darren for an amazing experience at Roots to Food. I learned new things and I know how to stay safe with a sharp knife". Lauren

"The food was lovely. I liked it when we chopped the naan bread and the pepper." Brae

Autumn 1 Homework Project- The Stone Age


At home, the children have been working incredibly hard to complete their homework project. We were extremely impressed by the effort and quality, and enjoyed hearing the presentations. We were both really pleased at how much they discovered and how creative they were. We had projects made from coffee cups, modelling clay, duct tape, stones, and bamboo sticks just to name a few! We are very proud and hope they feel proud themselves!

Cave Paintings
We have been learning about Stone age cave painting as part of our topic this term. Today we had a go at making our very own stone age paint. We used a pestle and mortar to grind up charcoal and then mixed it with 'animal fat'. We had a go at painting with our mixture and it worked pretty well. You can pop into the classroom to see our 'Argentinian hands' cave art.


Tooth Enamel Experiment


We have been investigating the effect that different liquids have on tooth enamel. We have used egg shels in our test as they are made from a similar substance to tooth enamel. We predicted that Coca-Cola would turn our teeth brown. What do you think?

Well done to all the children who supported our 'Odd Socks Day' with their colourful feet!

Odd Socks Day!

Children in Need 2019

Bell Beaker Pottery


At the end of the Stone Age and going into the Bronze Age, pottery became widespread throughout Britain. In class, we used clay to shape and create a pot/beaker and then used different textures/resources to create a pattern on the them.



Christmas Unwrapped


Year 4 were lucky enough to spend the afternoon at St Michael and St Mary Magdalene's Church of England to take part in their 'Christmas Unwrapped' workshop.


The children were able to ice their own star cookie, in which some children really loved the sprinkles, and quench their thirst with some squash. However, it wasn't all treats! The children learnt the true story behind Christmas- the birth of Jesus. The children met different characters such as the King, a shepherd, Mary and the angel Gabriel.


We took part in a quiz, where some story details were unpicked. Did you know that the donkey is not mentioned in the Bible when Jesus was born?

Year 4 curriculum newsletter

Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter Spring

Spring 2 Homework Project