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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Cooper is the Class teacher, usually teaching Monday to Thursday.

Other staff that teach and support in Year 4 are Mrs Penman and Mrs McRae.


PE: Year 3 P.E. days will be on a Monday and Tuesday this term.  Please make sure the children have their full kit with them on these days (including shorts, tracksuit bottoms and trainers ). However, children need a full PE kit from Monday to Friday as sometimes the class PE session may change.

Science Week (9th - 13th March)

This week we have been immersing ourselves in the topic of Our Diverse Planet.

The week started with a visit from Reptile World, who showed us not only reptiles but other animals too!

Reptile World

Meeting the Red-toed Tortoise and the Giant Land Snails


Following our hunt in the wooded area for invertebrates, we decided to design and make some hotels to attract more invertebrates.


Birds of Prey

Sikhism Enrichment Day

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Lightowler from RE on Demand back to Fox Hill.

Year 3 enjoyed fun, games, drama, story-telling as well as food tasting as they learned about the Sikh religion.

The story about the beginning of the Khalsa Sikhs ended with an understanding of the 5Ks.



Trying food served in the Langar

Spring 1 Home Learning

French Artists - What fantastic home learning projects the children have produced this half term.  The children have been busy researching and have produced booklets and fact-files.  They have also created their own masterpieces based on the work of French artists.  

Spring 1 - Home Learning Project

In this half term, we shall be learning about Europe with a focus on France.

The task this term is to research French artists and to find out about their life and work. You can write about the artist or create a piece of artwork in a similar style to the artist you have chosen.

You can decide how to present your findings:

  • An information text
  • A piece of artwork
  • A leaflet
  • Or any other way of your choosing

Your work will need to be of a high quality. Take care with all aspects of your project.

Please bring your work into school as soon as it is completed. You will be able to present it to the class and inspire others who haven’t yet completed theirs.

Little Musketeers - Fencing

Children in Year 3 had a taster session discovering some of the skills needed for the sport of fencing.

Little Musketeers Fencing

As part of our Drastic Plastic day, Year 3 used waste plastic to create a Hawksbill Turtle and many, many fish!


In our weekly computing sessions we have been learning how to create code to make simple games on screen.  This term we are focusing first on internet safety.  We are beginning to use and contribute to a blog.  Look out for the letter about Purple Mash so your child can access and share some of their learning with you at home.

Iron Age Weaving

To complete our work on the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, the children tried their hand at weaving.  People in the Iron Age discovered they could spin the fibre from a sheep's fleece to create a thread; this in turn could be woven.  Our threads were not all made of sheep's fleece (wool) and were certainly not dyed using natural plant dyes!

Autumn 2 - Home Learning Project

At Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditional Christmas celebrations take place in most countries, including many where Christianity is not the most popular religion.

Your task is to find out about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.

You can decide how to present your findings. This maybe as a model, drawing, explanation text or any other idea of your own. However, your work must be of a high standard.

You can bring your work in as soon as it is complete to present your research and learning to the class. The latest you can bring your work in is Monday 16th December 2019.

A sample of our Home Learning about Christmas around the world

Our next topic in Science is Animals, including humans.

Roots to Food

We were all delighted to see Darren from Roots to Food in school.  For Year 3, this is the first time that they have cooked with Roots to Food.  The children were taken through the Geography of the dish that they would cook.  After the relevant health and safety briefing, Darren taught the children how to cut, chop, sprinkle and stir their way to a tasty dish.

A summary of our Science learning this half term.

Science - Rocks Investigation


In order to find the differences between our rock samples we carried out four different investigations:

1. close observation to find out how the rock samples varied in appearance

2. scraping with wood sticks or metal nails to find out the hardness of the rocks

3. using water to test if the rocks were permeable or impermeable

4. investigating the effect of an acid (vinegar) on the rock 

Instruction Writing

To support our English work on instruction writing, we used a set of instructions to try to make a mammoth.  We discovered that the instructions did not have enough detail or precise instructions so we had to use our initiative to decide how to some of the stages.  It made us realise how important it is to use precise vocabulary and add descriptive detail to our writing.

A mammoth task!


The children enjoyed a lovely summer's day for their visit to Stonehenge.  We were able to view the stones and begin to think of our own ideas about their purpose and how they came to be there.  We also were able to see the 'barrows' which we know are burial mounds.


After our visit, we tried to recreate Stonehenge using biscuits  We worked in groups; it was harder than we thought it would be!

Our Topic questions for the Autumn term are:

What is Pre-history?

Who were our ancestors in Britain?

How did Britain change from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age?

Please take time to read our Curriculum Newsletter for information about our learning this term.


Autumn 1 - Home Learning Project

This term we are beginning our Topic work with the Stone Age.  In the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland is Skara Brae, a preserved Stone Age village.  Your task is to find out about Skara Brae.

You can decide how to present your findings.

Here are some ideas:

  • a model
  • a plan or drawing
  • an explanation text

or any other idea of your own.

Your work will need to be of a high quality. Take care with your presentation.

You can bring your work in as soon as it is complete to present your research and learning to the class. The latest you can bring your work in is Monday 21st October.

Here are some websites to get you started with your research:




During this year, the children will learn new spelling patterns as well as revise ones already taught.  New spellings will be sent home on a Thursday for a test on the following Tuesday.  In addition to this, there is a list of National Curriculum words.  Children in Year 3 will be taught at least half of these words; the expectation is that all children can spell them all by the end of Year 4.  Do encourage your children to learn spellings throughout the week.


Reading will be a priority focus this year.  Children will be taught to become better readers, to improve their comprehension and above all to develop a love of reading.  Children will have access to many varied books in school, both fiction and non-fiction.

There are many websites for parents and carers that suggest books that are suitable for this age group, either to read independently or with an adults.  There is also a list of 100 titles that have been suggested that children might read in Years 3 & 4.  Please check out your local library too.  If you have not already joined make that a goal for you and your child this term.


Throughout the week we work on the times tables, practising the ones we know and learning new ones.  All children should already be confident with x2, x10, x5 and be able to count in steps of 3.  We will learn new times tables and work on division facts.  For extra fun and practice don't forget that the children can log into Times Tables Rockstars at home too!