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Year 2


Dear Year Two,

You can find the daily work by clicking Home>>Children>>Home Learning>>Year 2 at the top of the page.

Every weekday, there will be a maths activity, an English activity and a topic activity, Computing tasks will be set as a 'To Do' on Purple Mash. Activities will be online by 9am each morning.

You should all have a pack with a variety of activities in. These include maths challenges, reading challenges, writing activities, a list of words that you can practice using in sentences and learn to spell and your sunflower diaries.

This is time for you to continue your learning at home.

Make sure you keep reading to someone at home every day for fun - and comment in your Reading Record.

We'll miss you and would love to see what you get up to on Twitter.

Stay safe,

Mr Keohane and Mrs Smith



Mr Keohane (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Smith (Wednesday to Friday) and Mrs Ball look forward to working with the class this year.


PE: In Year 2, P.E. will take place on a Wednesday and Friday this term.  Please make sure the children have their full kit with them on this day (including tracksuit bottoms and trainers for the autumn term). However, children need a full PE kit from Monday to Friday in case we do an extra lesson or activity.


Library:  In Year 2, our library day is Friday. We will encourage children to select appropriate books to read independently or a book which you could read with them.


Our fifth theme of Year Two is EXPLORERS.

Please take the time to read the Curriculum Newsletter for the term.

For HOME LEARNING information, please scroll down to the bottom of this page






Science Week Day One: Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from ReptileWorldUK. Chris brought a range of animals with him including Daisy the python, Tango the tortoise, Orion the bearded dragon amongst others! We learnt about where they are found and what they eat - did you know Tango originates from Florida? 

Brave children were then able to feel and hold Daisy. What a fantastic start to Science Week! Thank you, Mrs Filisetti!

Science Week Day Two: On Tuesday we focussed on living things and how they can be grouped. Mrs Filisetti introduced ‘vertebrates’ and ‘invertebrates’ and then explored how animals can be grouped further (reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals and insects). Luckily, many of the children listened very carefully during Reptile World’s visit so were able to do this quite easily.


When back in class, Y1 and Y2 completed a Nature Walk and spotted other living things: plants (which we are focussing on in our science lessons this half term). Green leaves and flower buds were the most common find in the school grounds (we completed tally charts to keep track). Then, we worked in small groups to match the leaves to the trees.

Science Week Day Two: Grouping Animals and Nature Walk

Science Week Day Three: On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have a second visitor, The Birdman. He brought some very exciting friends with him: Sybil the hawk, Billy Bob the falcon, Alaska the eagle and Spark the owl! Some of the children were a bit scared of the birds at first but as Alan knew so much about them, they quickly became transfixed. It was so exciting when the birds flew over our heads too!

Science Week Day Three: The Birdman

Science Week Day Five: The Human Body


To support our 'All About Me' topic, have been learning about biographies within our English learning. We began focussing on the 'Little People, BIG DREAMS' Amelia Earhart biography by Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Then, we decided we'd like to write a biography about someone we knew a bit more about - Mrs Coxell. However, to ensure our biographies contained lots of interesting (and informative) facts, we needed to find out more. We planned some open-ended questions and grouped them (which would later become sub-headings). Mrs Coxell kindly answered MANY questions and even brought some props to provide more information. 

Thank you Mrs Coxell!


On Tuesday 4th February, to coincide with our 'All About Me' topic, we walked to Bracknell town centre and visited the library. Whilst on our journey, we looked out for key buildings and tracked our journey (we previously looked on Google Maps to see which route we would take). We were treated to two interactive storytelling sessions and also got the opportunity to explore the vast number of books they have to offer. Those who have E+ cards were able to borrow books too.


Daniel created his own comic book titled 'Super Boys'. He wrote, illustrated and published it - all in his own time at home. He was (quite rightly) very proud of his work and shared it with the class. Immediately, others became inspired and began creating their own as a result. What great, inspirational work Daniel!


On Wednesday 29th January, Andy from Little Musketeers provided a fencing taster session. This was a new skill for many of the children and many hadn’t heard of it before which made it very exciting. Andy taught us the moves (advance, retreat, lunge, en garde) and then we got to have a go! It was an exciting experience and we were very lucky to have the opportunity. As we enjoyed it so much, we might get the chance of taking part in an after school club.


On Tuesday 14th January, we took part in a ‘Drastic Plastic Day’. We began the day with an assembly discussing the problems of plastics in the world's oceans and how we as a school could limit single-use plastics.


Using a huge collection of single-use plastics (bottles, packaging etc.), each child created their own plastic bottle fish – forming a mobile shoal.


We also created a model of a jellyfish as a class using yet more single-use plastics which we had brought in from our recycling bins at home.  Our finished sculpture can be seen below.


We had a great start with our ‘All About Me’ topic on Friday (10th). Many parents and carers joined us in class to get creative. We created our own family trees to show who is important to us. It was clear how much the children enjoyed having their family members there (and I think the adults enjoyed it too).


In Science, we have been learning about animals and their habitats. To end our topic, we created our own shoebox dioramas. Working in pairs, we chose which habitat we wanted to research and create. Then we thought carefully about which art materials we needed. 

We are all quite impressed with the results. 

Please come and let us know what you think!


On Friday 13th December, someone very special visited Year 2. Father Christmas and his trusty elf came to visit classes to wish all of the children a Merry Christmas. He also came with some generous gifts. Knowing that we are a school that values reading, each child was given a book. 

Thank you for visiting us Father Christmas!


The children have worked incredibly hard this half term creative some fantastic pieces. Some have created informative booklets, including facts about a variety of dinosaurs and others have created fossils, puppets (with theatre!) and even written stories filled with facts. It has been a real pleasure hearing the children discuss with the class how they have created their projects and why. We are so pleased the children have enjoyed their learning about this topic. We are both sure the children will feel the same way about the next. 


On Monday 9th December, Year 2 visited Easthampstead Baptist Church. We were greeted by Steph and Phillipa who talked us through how the church helps the local community: night shelters, Christmas dinner, Community Carols (the list is almost endless!). We then enjoyed finding out about traditions, how Christians celebrate Christmas and finally made our own Christingle cards.


As part of our English topic, we have been 'imitating' a newspaper report about a dinosaur being spotted at Fox Hill. We have been practising and discussing how a newspaper report is used to inform the reader (rather than entertain as we have previously been focussing on). We are learning one text, then moved to ask a witness (Miss Ellison) open-ended questions and then had a go at creating a news report. 


Here are two examples:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


On Tuesday 12th November, we celebrated Odd Socks Day. Used to celebrate what makes us all unique, and to help raise awareness of bullying, it kick-started highlight Anti-Bullying Week.  


Mrs Coxell set each class a challenge, to create an eyecatching photo image of the children wearing their odd socks. 


Here is our Year 2 entry:


On Tuesday 12th November, author Zeb Soanes visited us. Zeb started his visit with a very interactive assembly - Skyping with his illustrator James Mayhew. Zeb spoke about how Gaspard was based on a real fox who visited him in London. James then drew us our very own Gaspard which he is going to send us in the post!


Zeb then visited classes to talk about the second book in the Gaspard series, Gaspard: Best in Show. He was kind enough to answer many of the children's questions - from publishing to writing ideas (he was even able to answer many fox-related questions!). 


Just before he left, for those who had already purchased books, he kindly signed copies of Gaspard the Fox and Gaspard: Best in Show. He even had a special stamp that had Gaspard's real pawprint on it (so it was like he was signing them too!)


Thank you for visiting us, Zeb!


On Tuesday 5th November, author Rachel Jane visited us. She came to share her three stories: Milo goes to the Seaside, Lil's Cupcake Delivery and Tallulah goes to the Festival. 


Rachel talked to us about how she was published, how she had to complete many drafts and edits before she felt her story was finished and where her ideas come from. Her illustrator is actually her cousin so her stories are a family business. 


Once she had shared 'Milo goes to the Seaside', Rachel challenged us to have a go at planning our own story involving Milo, the campervan. She was so impressed by all of the amazing ideas the children had and thought the children's stories would make some amazing adventures. 


Thank you for visiting us, Rachel!


On Monday 4th November, we had a jam-packed day full of exciting dinosaur-related activities. First, we truly became paleontologists and carefully chiseled away to discover dinosaurs hidden inside eggs. This was very messy but lots of fun!


We then had an AMAZING workshop with Ranger Chris! He brought along Ronnie, Trixie, Trudy, Nibbles AND Suzie! It was such a treat!


Chris took us back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, talking us through the vast array of dinosaur species. He also 'debunked' some common misconceptions about the size and look of a number of dinosaurs which we have seen in various films. 


Then, we met Nibbles (the Raptor), Susie (the Stegosaurus) and Trixie (the Triceratops). We all got to stroke them and say hello. Trudy (the Troodon) was very sleepy but also in training so got to show us some of her amazing tricks. 


Finally, last but not least, Ronnie the Tyrannosaurus Rex came to meet us! He was very impressed with Mia's amazing artwork and was actually very friendly. Ethan was incredibly brave and had his hat pinched. 


It was a busy but fully immersive day which started our dinosaur topic off with a great, big ROAR!

Dinosaur Eggs


On Wednesday 23rd October, we created our own habitats for minibeasts. We have been learning about living things and their habitats in science this half term. Last week we used the iPads to spot minibeasts and discuss their habitats. Luckily, we have an allotment at school so used the natural resources (leaves, grass, flowers, and soil) to create our own minibeast homes.


The children have worked incredibly hard this half term creative some fantastic pieces. Some have created complete castles, labeling to show the features and others have created crowns, swords and even booklets filled with facts. It has been a real pleasure hearing the children discuss with the class how they have created their projects and why. We are so pleased the children have enjoyed their learning about this topic. We are both sure the children will feel the same way about the next. 


On Monday 30th September,  The Newbury and District Agricultural Society brought in Buttercup the Cow to visit us. We were taught all about how cows were once only allowed to be milked by women, called milkmaids. Now farmers use machines to milk the cows twice a day, once very early in there morning and later in the day. The milk is then cleaned. We were told that one cow generates 30 litres of milk!


Milk has always been delivered to schools but many years ago it was delivered in small glass bottles with a foil lid. Nowadays, Tetra Pak is used for storing school milk so it lasts longer.


Then, the exciting part! EVERYONE got the chance to milk Buttercup. Some were even called ‘professional milkers’!


On 25th September, we all enjoyed an excellent and informative trip to Windsor Castle. We have been learning about the features of castles (battlements, crenellations, portcullis etc.) and also about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II (past and present residents of the castle). Therefore, today our learning was put to the test and we were able to see these things first-hand. 


We began our day with a workshop (A Royal Home) in the Billiards Room. We were told a story about Queen, then Princess, Victoria being shown around Windsor Castle by Felix the guard. We were shown real artefacts from the time and also more modern-day things, like the Royal Standard. It was a real interactive workshop with many of the children being chosen to play certain roles: the upstairs and downstairs maids and even the Queen!


We were then able to explore the castle grounds, the State Rooms, and even St. George's Chapel.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable (but exhausting!) day. 


On 13th September the Year 2 classroom was taken over by a whole host of mischief-making
Charlies, Oompa-Loompas and Matildas. 

We began the day focussing on The Twits and creating disgusting, worm-filled dishes. 
Then, we spent time looking at Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and considered how he tweaked the famous fairy-tales.

Finally, Mrs Cooper then awarded certificates to costumes that really shone. 

Year 2 fully immersed themselves in The Wonderful World of Dahl. It was GREAT FUN!


On Friday 6th September, we kick-started our topic with a costume day. We had a vast selection of princesses, knights, the Queen’s guard, and even a chess set!

Either wearing a costume or bringing in a prop to share, the children were asked to consider what they already knew about castles. This is called a ‘knowledge harvest’. We will be building on what we already know and answering lots of questions we have about the topic.

Home Learning

Times Tables: 

Towards the end of the autumn term, each Monday Year 2 will be taking part in the Times Tables Challenge.  All children start at the first stage.  To move onto the next stage children must complete the challenge in 3 minutes with all answers correct. Children need to know all their multiplication and division facts up to the 12 x table. 

Children can now practise their times tables whenever they want to with TIMESTABLES ROCKSTARS.  Log in details stuck in the back of Spelling Homework Books. Please click on the link to practise these vital skills.

Times Tables Support


The children are expected to read at home 5 times each week. Please make sure you sign their reading record each time you hear them read.  You can also make a comment on their enjoyment and understanding of the book, how fluently they read and any difficulties they experienced, at the end of each book. Don't forget the children can also comment on their own book in the new reading record !The children should bring their book bags to school every morning so that we can monitor their progress. Reading Records will be checked on a Wednesday

Children can now practise their reading comprehension whenever they want to with READTHEORY. Log in details stuck in the back of Spelling Homework Books. Please click on the link to practise these vital skills.

Recommended Reading List for KS1

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents, teachers and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.


All children will get ten spellings to learn every week. The children are given a suggested activity to support them to learn their spellings, these will be stuck in their Spelling Homework Books. Please can their (yellow) Spelling Homework Books be handed back in on a Tuesday. Then the new activities can be stuck in ready for the new spellings to be handed out on Thursday. Children can now practise their spellings whenever they want to with SPELLING SHED. Log in details stuck in the back of Spelling Homework Books. Please click on the link to practise these vital skills.

National Curriculum Spelling List Year 1 and 2

Curriculum Newsletters