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Year 1

Hello Year 1, I hope you all had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the glorious weather sensibly! smiley

Our final topic this half term is 'Circus' and it should be lots of fun!

This is our last week with our home learning set out on this page, as of next week it will be uploaded slightly differently on a different page named: Home Learning W/C 8th June.

Fox Hill Dancing Challenge

Well done to those who took part in our last Distance Dancing video:

Today you’re being set the FINAL DANCE CHALLENGE using this video:


Once you feel confident with all of the steps, please ask your parents/carers to film it. Parents/carers can then send the video to our school Facebook or Twitter pages:

The aim is for the videos to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage. 

For Parents/carers: By sending your videos, you are giving permission for them to be used.

Costumes (and proton packs) encouraged! 

Good luck and get dancing! 

Videos to be sent by 12pm on Friday 5th June.  laugh

Friday 5th June 2020


Please remember this is the last day of our home learning being posted on this page… from next week you will find home learning for Y1&2 posted on the ‘Home Learning w/c 8th June’ page.




Today we will be buying buttons as they keep falling off of our school shirts…


Talk Task


You take a 50p coin out of your purse whilst in the shop, you hand over your 50p coin to the shop keeper when you have chosen the button you would like to buy. How much change will you be given?

Independent Task


Please work out how much change you will get from the shopkeeper when you buy the buttons shown, this time you have £1 to spend, remember this is the same as 100p. yes

Extra Task


Challenge is to find out what buttons the children could have bought when they tell you how much change they have been given! smiley



I loved all of your magic tricks sent in via our blog and twitter! laugh


Today I would like you to watch our video of the story, “Leon and the place between’ again. Next, please make a list of some of the interesting vocabulary the author has used, some of these words may be new to you so why not find out what they mean, you can use a dictionary if you have one at home or use the internet to help! I would like you to choose 5 words and find out the meanings of at least 3 of these. An extra challenge would be for you to write a sentence using some of these interesting words. (E.g. beckoned, mechanical, pounding)

Leon and the Place Between

Mr Keohane, Mrs Smith and Miss Holloway read Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister to Year 1 and Year 2.



On the webpage above it gives you instructions on how to create your own flipbook, I thought this would be a lovely idea for you to make with the different acts you may find at the circus! Enjoy! smiley

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

Thursday 4th June 2020




Today we are going to be buying items from a toyshop and using notes! We will start off with our Talk Task and you will have a £10 note to spend, then in the Independent Task you will need to find out how much change you will get when using a £20 note. When we go shopping and do not have the exact amount of money to pay for an item, we give the shopkeeper more and then they give change back.

(In both activities you will also have pound coins to use for your change)


Talk Task

Similar to what you have already done this week, you will need to choose one item to buy at the toyshop, and then the other person in your house who you have asked to play along will have to work out how much change you will receive and then you will swap roles with your partner.


Independent Task


Please use the sheets below to record your calculations, I would like you to buy one or two toys from the toyshop and use your knowledge of whole-part models to help you today. Enjoy!



Today I would like you to write a set of instructions to teach someone how to perform a magic trick. Maybe you already have tricks up your sleeve that you can teach others, or maybe you can find one by researching on the Internet and then write up the instructions in your neatest handwriting.

This video explains how to write clear instructions:

Little Panda Shows Magic Tricks for Kids!



Have a go at making your very own big top tent using this template. You will need some scissors and glue, have fun! 


I have also added a recycled craft activity that you can make using a kitchen roll tube and some paper plates, get crafting! laugh


If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, DON'T! By Elise Parsely

Wednesday 3rd June 2020




When people go shopping they usually take a shopping list and buy more than one item, today you are going to find the total cost of two items in Fairyland Café. This means you need to find out how much both items will cost altogether.


Talk Task


I would like you to take turns with someone in your house to buy two items from Fairyland Café and use your number bonds to ten to work out how much both items will cost.

Independent Task


Choose two items you would like from the menu and then work out the equation to find the total and then use coins to decide how you pay for them, see if you can do this without needing any change!




I hope you enjoyed listening to the story yesterday, for today I would like you to read through this short story extract and answer the questions, the idea of this piece of writing is to see if you can read it on your own in a short time. However, it isn’t a race… I want you to try your best at reading this without any help (of course if you find a word tricky to sound out, you can ask for help)

I have given you the choice of two stories to read, have fun! smiley



On Purple Mash this week I have asked you to add some funky hair to a clown template and today I would like you to design a clown using paint or colouring pens.  Make sure to include all of their funky features and use bright colours, I have included some pictures below for ideas. cheeky

Cinderella Story

Tuesday 2nd June




Today I would like you to set up a small shop at home, grab some small items from around your house and put a price tag on them, make sure nothing costs over £1. Below is a sheet with some examples of how much things could cost. Then ask someone at home to take it in turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer.

For your Independent Task, cut out the boxes on this sheet and mix them around before matching the correct amount of coins to the item you are buying. Enjoy! smiley


Leon and the Place Between

Mr Keohane, Mrs Smith and Miss Holloway read Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister to Year 1 and Year 2.

Here is the story being read aloud by Mr Keohane, Mrs Smith and I smiley

Today I would like you to listen to the story and then have another look at the first page and imagine you are Leon… laugh

Look at the illustrations (pictures) on the first page, the one I shared with you yesterday.

How would you describe the show tent?

How might Leon be feeling about going inside? Think about your senses when writing about his feelings.



I would like you to watch this video of Peter’s circus, he explains what his life is like having your own circus…


Then I have included pictures below of different cartoon circus characters, why not create your own circus scene!

My Life - Peter's Circus - CBBC

George Ezra reads Kitchen Disco | CBeebies Bedtime Stories

George Ezra invites you to a kitchen disco in this Bedtime Story, so move your hips, shake your pips and let's get all excited!

Monday 1st June




Do Now

I wonder if you have any pennies in your money box that you could use to help you work out how much more money Charlie needs to have the same amount as Jenny?



Today we are going to be playing a game and using subtraction to help us to find the answers.

Here is an example of the game board and the amount at the top of each column gives the total value of the column and the amount at the side of each row gives the value of the row, so you need to make sure that each coin you put in there matches both amounts.



Talk Task

For your Talk Task you have to find the correct coins to complete the puzzle, it would be fabulous if you can find some real coins to use and then take a picture, but you can also just write the amount in the square using a pencil and then rub it out if you make a mistake. Remember to tell an adult how you got to your answer, using full sentences! smiley








Independent Task

Your Independent Task is another version of the game, have fun and make sure to check that the amount at the top of each column gives the total value of the column and the amount at the side of each row gives the value of the row. Good luck! laugh




With our new topic ‘Circus’, we are going to be looking at the story ‘Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister’, so today I would like you to have a look at this picture and answer these questions:

  • What can you see?
  • Who do you think Leon is?
  • Who could the other children be in the picture?
  • Do you think the magic show will be exciting? Why do you think this?

When answering these questions I would like you to use as many adjectives and verbs as you can! wink



Purple Mash


Have a look on Purple Mash to find this week's activities smiley




Elmer - The Patchwork Elephant | Children's Book