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Week of 6th July

Thank you for continuing with supporting your child at home with their learning. As you are aware, Home Learning is changing as more children return to school. Teachers have done a brilliant job of providing daily home learning tailored to what the children would have been covering in school; unfortunately this level of personalisation is unsustainable following the phased introduction of additional children back to school. We deliberated about how best to adapt the home learning and have decided to try using and adapting resources created by Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust in conjunction with some tailored lessons to the Topics your child would have covered during this term.

We understand that the Home Learning needs to work for you and your child, and therefore we have put some alternative suggestions below, should you rather explore those. We are now displaying the home learning for the week rather than each day, as feedback suggested parents would prefer this so they could rearrange the week’s tasks to fit them and their child. Please, only do what you can of the suggestions below – do what works best for you and your child.

With thanks to Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust for their Learning Projects on which most of the weekly Reading, Spelling, Writing and Maths tasks are based.

Reading Tasks

Spelling/Phonics Tasks


Listen to and watch this information video about caring for the environment and then discuss with an adult.


Find a read a story that has a woodland scene in it.


Find and read a book aloud that is about materials. Talk about what you find and then write out the materials you find in alphabetical order.


Place these words onto paper and read them aloud, can you add sound buttons?

(environment, recycle, reuse, conserve)


Listen to Newsround and discuss what has been happening around the world. What new things have you discovered?



Explore all of the Phonetics in Phases 2 and 3 by watching these fun videos on BBC Bitesize.



Play this Silly Bulls game and see if you can sort the syllables.



Have a go at Hang Mouse, and see how many words you can guess correctly!

Daily Phonics Lessons for Year 1:

Found online from the Department for Education.


Spelling Shed for Year 2:

Found online on The Spelling Shed website.


 Writing Tasks

Maths Tasks


Write a ‘thank you’ letter to the people who collect your rubbish and recycling. What could you include in your letter? Can you think of any questions you could ask about recycling or where the rubbish goes?


Can you draw and label any of the plants you may have in your house or in the garden?


Create your own weather report for this week’s weather. Can you include any adjectives in your writing?


Write a set of instructions about how a rainbow is made, then have a go at using all of the colours to create your own.


Make a poster about how to help the environment, what can we all do to protect our planet?



Have a go at the game Number Balance, play levels 1, 2 and 3. Make the scales


Look out of your window or stand in your front garden and count how many cars go past. What is the most popular colour that goes past? What is the least popular colour that goes past?


Practise telling the time using this cool game, (you’ll need to scroll down the page to find the game). Read to the hour and half hour.


Choose a number between 10 and 20.How many different ways can this number be partitioned? Do bigger numbers have more ways they can be partitioned?


Can you match the cards that tell you the same measurement?


Extra Challenge: A class has a 40 minute geography lesson every day. In one week at school how long will this class have spent in their geography lessons?


Wider Curriculum Tasks 

30 Days Wild task

To include three tasks:

  • Can you think about and write an acrostic poem about a circus?
  • Check on Purple Mash to see your new activities for this week.
  • Please watch this short clip about the environment and ways to recycle, I wonder if you can have a job at home this week to make sure everything in the rubbish is sorted correctly?

As we only did one activity a week for 30 Days Wild in June, we will continue with our 30 Days Wild activity this week and next.


This week’s activity is:

To make a Seed Bomb – look at the attached activity sheet below.


If you want to do more, go to this Twitter account for ideas of other activities:



30 Days Wild Task: Make a Seed Bomb


Water Safety

Now that the weather is getting nicer you might find that you are around water a bit more. It is important that we know how to keep safe around water. Get an adult at home to talk to you about the key information that is in a document below these safety posters.



Have a look at the posters of the beach, river and harbour and spot the dangers in each one.




Alternative options:



  • Classroom Secrets are producing English and Maths themed Home Learning Packs, attached as a document below should you wish to use it.