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Week of 30th March

MONDAY 30th MARCH 2020

Welcome to week 2 of the school closure.  I hope you are all keeping safe and are behaving for your parents and carers.  Hopefully these learning ideas are keeping your brains active!


On Friday we had a little break from learning about Area and Perimeter but we're back to that topic today.  Hopefully the familiar lesson structure helps you to follow what you should be doing! 


Today you will be finding the area of a triangle.  I have briefly introduced this concept to you when we have been going through your SATs Buster homework - to find the area of a triangle, you need to think of the triangle as half of a rectangle.  So you multiply the height by the base but then you have to half the answer.  You can demonstrate this by drawing a rectangle and then making it into two triangles by drawing a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite one.  The teaching power point will show this more clearly.


So, as before, start by going through at least 4 or 5 questions of the powerpoint and check you can work out the answers by checking the solutions on the slides.

until you feel confident. 


Once you feel ready to have a go at the work, use the Varied Fluency attachment - ignore the first page then use Page 2 if you want to do Challenge 1, page 3 is Challenge 2 and page 4 is Challenge 3.  Best of all is that the answers are at the end of the document so you can check your own work .  By the way, you DO NOT need to print anything out - just use the questions and work from your screen!


If that's not enough work for you, there is another document on Reasoning and Problem Solving which has got all 3 challenges on it just like the Varied Fluency one (and answers!)





This week we are going to be looking at - and then writing - a newspaper article. 


To start, I would like you to have a look at and identify features of 3 different newspaper reports covering natural disasters.  Read through each article and think about how they are different or similar.  Copy this comparison table out onto paper and complete it for each of the given articles which are below.