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Week of 22nd June

Dear Parents / Carers,


Thank you for continuing with supporting your child at home with their learning. As you are aware, Home Learning is changing as more children return to school. Teachers have done a brilliant job of providing daily home learning tailored to what the children would have been covering in school; unfortunately this level of personalisation is unsustainable following the phased introduction of additional children back to school. We deliberated about how best to adapt the home learning and have decided to try using and adapting resources created by Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust in conjunction with some tailored lessons to the Topics your child would have covered during this term.


We understand that the Home Learning needs to work for you and your child, and therefore we have put some alternative suggestions below, should you rather explore those. We are now displaying the home learning for the week rather than each day, as feedback suggested parents would prefer this so they could rearrange the week’s tasks to fit them and their child. Please, only do what you can of the suggestions below – do what works best for you and your child.


With thanks to Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust for their Learning Projects on which most of the weekly Reading, Spelling, Writing and Maths tasks are based.

Reading Tasks

Spelling Tasks


You could share a story together. This could be a chapter book where you read and discuss a chapter a day. At the end of each session, can your child summarise the key events in the text?


Continue with echo reading from last week (where you read a sentence then they echo it back). Today, focus on improving their phrasing: can they read in clause and sentence units (pausing appropriately for punctuation) and add expression or emphasis (as signalled by punctuation)?


Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world. Ask your child to create three questions relating to a news story they read – they can then ask someone in their family to read the news story and see if they can answer their questions.


Get your child to read a book on Oxford Owl, discuss with your child any similarities or differences they may have noticed between this book and others / another they have read.


With your child, look in magazines, newspapers and books. Discuss similarities and differences in how the information is presented in each text type. Which do they prefer and why?


Choose 5 Common Exception words and practise spelling them using pyramid words. Write the word in a pyramid, e.g.











Practise your spelling on Spelling Frame select Year 3&4 and rule three.



Test yourself on the words you practised on Monday. Then, choose another 5 Common Exception words, can you make a crossword or word search with them? If you do, you could add it to the home learning blog for others to try too!



Year 3 & 4 Common Exception Words


 Writing Tasks

Maths Tasks


Write a letter to a family member or friend who you have not seen yet. Think about the things you want to share with them. What questions might you want to ask them?


Write a list poem of all the things you like, try and include adjectives to make expanded noun phrases and adverbs to describe the verbs. E.g. I like listening to the gentle breeze softly rustling the tree leaves.


If they were to become a superhero, what would their superpower be? Create and write a scenario where your superhero saves the day: you could draw this as a cartoon with captions to tell the story.


Choose a traditional tale such as the three little pigs and then retell it from the perspective of another character, e.g. the wolf. It could be a misunderstanding and that the wolf had a cold and was asking for tissues when he accidentally blew the houses down, or it could be that he purposely wanted to destroy the pigs – why could that be?


Take part in another writing master class from a famous author, sign up for free. Do you notice any differences between the authors and their writing styles / tips?



Working on Times Table Rockstars - your child will have an individual login to access this. Today, your child can choose the activity they do.


Complete this lesson on BBC bitesize, it is on angles and turns. Year 4, I know you have done some work on angles at home so you should be able to recap and apply your previous learning.

Yesterday, your child looked at angles and turns. Today, can your child direct someone to an object or place using the mathematical language of turns and also the compass points? Can you direct them to see if they can follow the instructions this time?


Play on Superhero subtraction: Try the numbers to 50 and then 100 for a challenge. Think about what mental methods work best for each calculation e.g. counting on / back, subtracting from the ones column, using the ‘nearest ten’ etc.


Get a piece of paper and ask your child to show everything they know about Multiplcation. This could be pictures, diagrams, explanations, methods etc. They can be as creative as they want to be. Ask them to think of mental methods as well as written methods.


Wider Curriculum Tasks  

30 Days Wild task

  • Research what a Canopic jar is, what did the Ancient Egyptians use them for? What different designs were used? Can you make your own Canopic jar? Share your research and a picture of your Canopic jar on the new Year 3&4 Home Learning Blog using Purple Mash.
  • Purple Mash Task: I have set you a 2Do, it is to make a quiz. Can you make a quiz based on an aspect of your home learning? It could be related to Ancient Egyptians, English grammar questions, a Newsround story etc. Experiment with different question types. Remember, if you save it, I can have a go at the quiz too! J
  • Complete the French from Mrs Yau this week: Claude Weekly, Issue 9.


During June, it is 30 Days Wild. Each week we will set you an activity to do from their suggested activities.


This week’s activity is:

To make a nature mandala – see the instructions for how to make one below.


If you want to do more, go to this Twitter account for the daily activities.


You could also check out the Wildlife Watch YouTube channel for more activities, with new #WildlifeWednesday videos every Wednesday at 10am!

30 Days Wild Task: Make a nature mandala


Alternative options:



  • Classroom Secrets are producing English and Maths themed Home Learning Packs, attached as a document below should you wish to use it.