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Week of 18/05

The Paper Dolls

Mrs Short reads The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson to Reception.


Friday 22nd May


2. Literacy Activity: As it is Friday and next week is half term let’s have a bit of fun!


It is your turn to be the teacher!


First, choose one of your favourite stories and video yourself reading it, or part of it.

Secondly, post your video on Twitter along with a photo of a question about your story that YOU have written.

Lastly, check during half term to see if I have listened to your story, read your question, and tried my hardest to answer it correctly. 


Have a lovely half term holiday. I know it's still all a bit strange not coming into school but keep yourselves safe and healthy. We still miss you lots and look forward to seeing you all soon. There will be a school challenge up next week if you are feeling a bit bored one day and maybe you could ask a grown up to help you write to a friend or video call them.

Be good! :)


Thursday 21st May


My list below shows all of the similarities and differences between my 4 paper dolls. Did you get them all? Did you spot any that I didn't? Free feel to let me know on Twitter. 

Wednesday 20th May


  1. People and Communities Activity: Have a look at the photo of my paper dolls above. What do you notice about them? Make a list of similarities and differences. For example, Molly and Sophie both have yellow shoes. Adam is the only one with blonde hair.  I will post a list tomorrow for you to compare to your own list! Then have a little think about yourself. What makes you the same as your family members or friends? What makes you different?
  2. Literacy Activity: Today I am going to challenge you to write a story about your own paper dolls. It might help you to act it out first. Remember the little girl in the story took her dolls around her home with her and used other toys to make her story. I cannot wait to see what happens to your dolls. Who might they meet? How will they escape? If you wanted to you can copy the rhyme from the story: “You can’t get us. Oh no no no! We’re holding hands and we won’t let go!” It would be lovely to see a photo of your writing or hear you read it out on Twitter.
  3. Technology Activity: I have set you three tasks on Purple Mash. The first task is to draw a few pictures from your story (Literacy Activity above), the second is to design a dinner for your paper dolls and the last is a memory game! Have fun and remember to save your work so I can have a look later :) 



Tuesday 19th May


I hope you enjoyed my story yesterday and managed to make some of your own paper dolls. I made mine and it was really fun thinking of names for them and what clothes to put on them. We will go back to our story again tomorrow but for today you have 2 other tasks to do. Have fun :)

Today we are going to be thinking about adding two parts to make a whole. From the paper dolls above, how many are there altogether / in total? Use the sentence stems and star words below to discuss the answer with an adult. The part / whole models below might help too. 

One part is ______ the other part is ______ .                                

There are _________ altogether.                                                                                        

The whole is _______ .

____ plus ____ is equal to ______ .

Now, try adding the parts in a different order, starting with Mrs Short’s and then Miss Ellison’s. Use the sentence stems again (and you could draw the part / whole diagram) to explain what you are doing. What do you notice about your answer?

Does this always happen?

If you want to do more, you could add two groups of paper dolls (each group no bigger than 10) to find out.  


  1. Physical Activity: Fox Hill Dancing Challenge - Round TWO!

Well done to those who took part in our last Distance Dancing video:

Today you’re being set a NEW DANCE CHALLENGE using this video:

Once you feel confident with all of the steps, please ask your parents/carers to film it. Parents/carers can then send the video to our school Facebook or Twitter pages (Links below). The aim is for the videos to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage. For Parents/carers: By sending your videos, you are giving permission for them to be used. Make sure you have your cowboy hats and USA flags ready! Good luck and get dancing! Videos to be sent by Friday 22nd May.



Monday 18th May 


  1. Listening Activity: Listen to the story above called ‘The Paper Dolls’. After watching the video spend some time discussing the following questions with a family member:
    1. What did the little girl call her five paper dolls?
    2. What did the little girl keep losing?
    3. How many goldfish did she have?
    4. Who did they dance with in the farm?
    5. What did they dance around when they came downstairs?
    6. Do you like the story? Why or why not?



  1. Creative Activity: Have a go at making your own paper dolls. You can either watch the Youtube video below to help you or use the template below. Give your dolls each a name, some clothes and a face and then tell your family all about them. What do they like doing? Keep your dolls safe for Wednesday’s activity.

How to make Paper Dolls