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Week of 13th July

Dear Parents / Carers,


Thank you for continuing with supporting your child at home with their learning. As you are aware, Home Learning is changing as more children return to school. Teachers have done a brilliant job of providing daily home learning tailored to what the children would have been covering in school; unfortunately this level of personalisation is unsustainable following the phased introduction of additional children back to school. We deliberated about how best to adapt the home learning and have decided to try using and adapting resources created by Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust in conjunction with some tailored lessons to the Topics your child would have covered during this term.


We understand that the Home Learning needs to work for you and your child, and therefore we have put some alternative suggestions below, should you rather explore those. We are now displaying the home learning for the week rather than each day, as feedback suggested parents would prefer this so they could rearrange the week’s tasks to fit them and their child. Please, only do what you can of the suggestions below – do what works best for you and your child.


With thanks to Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust for their Learning Projects on which some of the weekly Reading, Spelling, Writing and Maths tasks are based.

Reading Tasks

Spelling Tasks


Read the article about NASA wanting help labeling Mars and try to answer some of the questions below. the article. 


Complete the BBC Bitesize Book Club activity on summarising: Sir Chris Hoy: Be Amazing.


Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world. Read a news story, then retell the news story to someone else in your house, without any notes or the story in front of you. Then, read back over the news story and tell them any parts you missed out. How much could you recall from what you had read? If you didn’t remember much, slow down the pace of your reading and think about what you are reading.


Get your child to read a book on Oxford Owl, they can create a likes, dislikes, puzzles and patterns grid – see below.


Choose a podcast to listen to today:

Tell someone something you liked about it, something you disliked about it and anything surprising or any questions you have about it.


Choose 5 common exception words from the Year 3&4 word list below. Write them in bubble letters.

Later in the week ask someone to test you on the ones you chose, as well as the ones you have done in previous weeks.  


Practise spelling on Spelling Frame select Year 3&4 and rule six.


Play this Spelling Bee game, try different levels of difficulty.



Year 3&4 Common Exception Words


 Writing Tasks

Maths Tasks

Thank you Emily for sharing your excellent letter to Mrs Coxell on our blog last week. J

Monday & Tuesday:

Look at the image of Watchwood Forset. Underneath are lots of different activity suggestions. Choose a section to complete on Monday and another on Tuesday. I would love to see your work on our blog or Twitter.  


Write a recipe, this might be for something you have made whilst at home, or could be something you want to make. Remember to include a list of ingredients and things needed. Use headings and subheadings to organise your recipe. Instructions should include imperative verbs (verbs that command: e.g. mix, pick up, stir, get). If you share it and it sounds tasty, I may make it during the Summer Holidays!


Write a review for either the recipe you created or for a meal that you have had. You could ask an adult to show you some example restaurant reviews to help you. If you want to challenge yourself, write one positive one and then alter it to make it negative.  


Research something you like eating, for example an ingredient, fruit, vegetable (I like risotto, so I would research risotto rice). Find out how it is made, or if it is grown where it is grown. If it is a meal e.g. lasagne, find out where it originates from and any traditions related to the food. Present the information you have found in a way that will interest the reader.




Working on Times Table Rockstars - your child will have an individual login to access this. Today, your child can choose the activity they do.


Complete the Primary 5-a-day Maths challenge.

Last week you visited Solve Moji, this week, can you create your own one for us to solve? Share your solve moji with us on our blog or on Twitter.


Year 3: Complete this BBC Bitesize lesson on how to measure capacity / volume.

Year 4: Complete this BBC Bitesize lesson on classifying quadrilaterals.


Year 3: Complete this BBC Bitesize lesson on comparing capacity.

Year 4: Complete this BBC Bitesize lesson on finding lines of symmetry.


See how many of the problems you can solve, they do get harder as they progress. Can you complete all 5 of them? Share your methods on our blog or on Twitter.



Wider Curriculum Tasks  

30 Days Wild task

Thank you to Poppy for sharing your fantastic home learning on our blog last week. J

Please do share your learning on our blog or Twitter.

  • Science: make a rainbow. Ask someone at home to help you with the information below on investigating how to make your own rainbow. We would love to see photos on our blog.
  • Music: complete the lesson on BBC Bitesize about ‘Found Sounds’, using things around your home to make music. We would love to hear your composition on Twitter or share on our blog the objects you found most effective.
  • Complete the French from Mrs Yau this week: Claude Weekly, Issue 12.

Monday 13th is the final day to enter the Eiffel Tower competition! J

As we only did one activity a week for 30 Days Wild in June, we will continue with our 30 Days Wild activity this week.


This week’s activity is:

To make a tree decoration, see below for how to do this.  


If you want to do more, go to this Twitter account for ideas of other activities.


Science Activity: Make a Rainbow




30 Days Wild Task: Make a Tree Decoration


Alternative options:



  • Classroom Secrets are producing English and Maths themed Home Learning Packs, attached as a document below should you wish to use it.