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Week of 11/5

Monday 11th May


This week, our learning is linked to a famous story which is The Lion and the Mouse, one of the Aesop's Fables; no matter how young or small you are, you are capable of great, big things! Love, Friendship and Kindness is KEY!

Watch the video below:


Listening Activity:

We would like you to listen to this song:

What action did the Big Lion show or do for the Little Mouse?

What action did the Little Mouse show or do for the Big Lion?

The song mentions "actions are the key" - What actions do you think the song means that you should show or do? Share your answers with someone at home and write or draw the actions to share with us on Twitter.


Literacy Activity:

Having watched our story: Loud Proud Lenny Lion, can you tell someone at home who the main characters are in the story and can you retell the story to someone who has not heard it before? Now try and create a different ending. You can write it for us, create a story map like the one below or upload a video, telling us your story version which would be great to see too!





Tuesday 12th May


Mathematics Activity:

We looked at 3D shapes last week, today we are visiting the topic Calendar and Time.

Let's start with our Days of the Week song, can you have a try at performing the song for someone at home, without watching the video below? Or you could sing along to the video and use it to teach someone at home too.


We also know that there are 12 months in a year that make up 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.



Can you tell the seasons by using the photos below?



Using what we know, look at the photo below and answer the following questions , you can share your answers with someone at home , upload a video with your answers or draw this photo in poster form, writing your answers on your poster.

? Do you think it is morning time or evening time? Why?
? What can you see in the Picture that could be used to tell the time?
? What might the season be? Why?



Physical Development Activity:

Today we get to go on a lovely Jungle Safari, to Lenny the Lion's home, meeting some other friends of his on the way.

Get some comfy clothes on and join Cosmic Kids on a Yoga adventure.


Wednesday 13th May


Literacy Activity:

A) Create a set of instructions to teach the little Mouse how to roar like Lenny the Lion. Here is our example:

*  Take a deep breath.

*  Open your mouth as big and wide as you can.

*  Sound out the word "ROAR" as loudly as you can.


B) Write about a new adventure that the little Mouse and Lenny the Lion can have together now that they are the best of friends.

You can use the writing template resource to write and create a drawing to show your chosen adventure or if you're unable to print, you can use plain paper too.

This is our new adventure:

*  The little Mouse and Lenny the Lion went to the Park.

*  They had a picnic.

*  The little Mouse ate cheese and Lenny the Lion tried some too.

*  They had lots of fun.



Technology Activity:

Today we are going to visit Lenny and his family (if they are awake!) by using Google Earth below. This is a great tool which is used to see images and videos through satellites.


*In the search bar, type in "Lions Samburu".

*Click on "Lions in the Shade" and the yellow icon to see.



Did you spot Lenny and his Pride Family?


If they were fast asleep, do not worry, perhaps try again later or have a look on this link below, or you could try both to increase your chances of seeing them!


Thursday 14th May


Mathematics Activity:

We have looked at Calendar and Time this week and today we are focusing on Measures. We will look at comparing weights today.



Looking at the images above, can you describe and talk about the marble balances using any of these key words: heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest, the same, weight, more, less, about.


The little Mouse weighs 35 grams and Lenny the Lion weighs 190000 grams (190) kg. This means that Lenny the Lion is the biggest and the heaviest, and that the little Mouse is the smallest and the lightest but we can also see this from their size!



Can you think of other Animals that you could compare, big and small?

? Which is the biggest/longest/heaviest? Explain how you know.

? Which is the smallest/shortest/lightest? Explain how you know.


Now look around at home and find things that you can compare the size of. Maybe a baby potato and a Jacket potato or your own shoe and an Adult shoe?

You could also measure a mixture of things that aren't the same such as a bag of rice and a bread loaf!
? Can you find something that is as heavy/as long/as big? How could you check?
? Can you find something that is as small/as short/as light? How could you check?


Share your findings with us on Twitter. We are looking forward to seeing what you find and measure!


Also with help and permission from an adult at home,  try searching "Lion" in the Google search bar on a mobile smart phone and have a try at measuring a real Lion next to you in 3D form!



Creative Technology Activity:

We have set three 2Dos tasks for you on Purple Mash:

A) Create your own Little Mouse using the textured paints.

B) Write a postcard to us about your visit to the African Safari, did you see Lenny and the little Mouse?

C) Create your own Lenny the Lion.

Please do remember to save your work so that we are able to see it.

You could also create your Little Mouse , Postcard and Lenny the Lion on paper at home and share it on our Twitter instead.


Friday 15th May


Personal, Social and Emotional Development Activity:

A) Look at the facial expressions of Lenny the Lion in our story-time video. Take some photographs of yourself showing different facial expressions. Show and tell us on Twitter what expressions they are. You could try to show your different facial expressions to someone at home and let them guess what expressions they are too.


Talk to someone at home about the following:

B) The little Mouse overcomes his fears and goes to help Lenny the Lion when everyone else is afraid. Can you think of a time when you have overcome your fears, how did you feel and what advice would you give to others?

C) The Lion is the head of the pack. Think about people who are important in your life. Why are they important to you?


D) The story for this week has been about showing kindness. What have you done or are you planning on doing during this time to be kind? Share it with us on Twitter , we would love to see, hear and know all about it.



Creativity Activity:

Have a go at creating your very own Lenny the Lion and the little Mouse for role-play or display at home.

You may want to use the Stick-Puppet resource to create your own stick puppets or you may want to try one of the crafts below. You could also think of and choose your own way of creating your crafts instead. We look forward to seeing your Lenny and Mouse crafts on Twitter.



Here is how you make your Lenny the Lion and the Little Mouse Puppets:

First, paint an empty toilet paper tube yellow for the lion and grey for the mouse. 

Then, cut out a small circle for the lion's face and paint it yellow( you may use yellow paper instead). Once it dries, stick or draw on 2 googly eyes, a tiny pom pom and yellow and orange pipe cleaners (chenille stems) for the mane. You can glue thin stripes of yellow and orange construction paper in place of pipe cleaners too.

For the mouse, cut a small oval and 2 little ears. Paint them grey with a little black for the center of the ears. Then glue or draw on googly eyes, a black pom pom nose and black chenille stem (or thin stripes of back paper) whiskers. 

Finally, glue the faces to the painted TP roll body and let it dry. Then you are ready to play with your puppets and retell the story ROARing like Lenny!