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A little jiggle and a little wiggle to start the morning!



Have you visited the online classrooms on The Oak National Academy yet?

This enterprise is supported by the Government. It provides 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages. What an amazing additional learning opportunity!


Hello and Welcome to our Summer Term Reception-eers


This is where you will find two tasks and the link to a phonics lesson each day by 9am.


Previous weeks Home Learning are archived below - scroll down and click on the star icons - so that you can still use them after the week they were provided for. Below there are also some 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' which you can also use if you want to do even more! Make sure you snuggle up once a day with a good book. Try and sound out as many words as you can and get a grown up to help you with tricky words.

Enjoy yourselves :)



The Power of Love

When Little Bear gets lost in the Wood, magical Fireflies appear. If he thinks of loving memories , the Fireflies will glow brighter and light the way. Can Little Bear use the Power of Love to find his way home?

Friday 5th June


Dear Reception-eers, Parents and Carers,

welcome to the last day of home-learning on this page.

Starting next week you will find our merged home-learning for Nursery and Reception posted on the ‘Home Learning w/c 8th June’ page.


Personal , Social and Emotional Development Activity:

Describe five emotional and five physical things (how you feel and what you do) when you love something or someone. Share your answers with someone at home.

Now ask someone at home what or who they love the most.

Take a set of pictures before and during of them talking about something they love the most, listen to their answers and describe what differences you see in their expressions: face and body. You do not have to share the photos if you do not want to. Upload a video of yourself on our Twitter telling us what they have told you and what you saw.

Did you see anything change?


Literacy activity:

Your Love and Gratitude Memento: think of and write one thing  you are grateful for, absolutely love or have a lovely memory of during this time you have had away from school. Take a photo and upload your Memento to share with us on Twitter. As this is your personal keepsake, add drawings, art, photos, stickers, anything you want to with your word or sentence. Do remember to keep it safe, perhaps ask an Adult to keep it safe for you, so that  you can look back at it in the future. We are really looking forward to seeing your Love and Gratitude Memento!

Mrs Mirza's Love and Gratitude Memento is: Singing.

I have loved singing and signing the song below with my daughter, Lujayn. I have saved a video of Lujayn signing and singing as well as taken photos to print and create into magnets as my Memento. It has reminded me of our time in school , when we learnt this together too. It brings lovely memories and puts a big smile on my face, I hope that it does for you too when you listen and sign it again. :)

CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE - Singing Hands Makaton


Thursday 4th June


Mathematics Activity:

We have learnt how to count until twenty confidently, today we are going to look at numbers above twenty, and try our best up until fifty, using Magic Beans.

To refresh our memory, can you try to count to twenty in twenty seconds?

Have someone at home time your counting. We would love to see a video of it on our Twitter.


Here are our Magic Beans, using paper at home, can you write out the numbers below in the correct order? If you prefer, you can print the work-sheet and fill in the numbers instead (downloadable under home learning resources).

Have an adult at home check your number order.

Now, turn your paper around and see if you can count the numbers out in the correct order.

You can use your toys, pasta shapes, any items you may find useful for your Magic beans to help with your counting.

Try counting till thirty , then forty and finally fifty.

See how far you can get. Practise makes perfect. :)

Upload a video to our Twitter showing your counting after twenty.




Physical Activity:

In our story, the Little bear meets an Owl on his adventure. Owl's are known to be very wise. The Owl reminds the Little bear to use the Power of Love.

Today we are using the Power of P.E and our love for Yoga whilst visiting Tallulah the Owlet. Have fun!

Tallulah the Owlet | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Wednesday 3rd June


People and Communities Activity:

Using the Internet and an adult to support you, find out the following words in 3 or even more different languages:




Can you also find out the sentence "I LOVE YOU" in another language?


Here is Mrs Mirza's German example:






Share your findings with us on our Twitter page, you can upload a video if you want to read out the words and sentence ( you can search the pronounciations on the Internet)  or you can upload a photo of your words written out that you have found.


Literacy Activity:

Name and write 5 different words that represent Love for you.

Mrs Mirza's example:







Now use your chosen words to make your own Recipe for Love, share your chosen words and Recipe for Love with us on our Twitter.

You can use the template resource (printable available under home learning resources) and fill in the sheet or you can make your own Recipe for Love on paper.


Technology Activity:

Purple Mash 2D0's:

1. Pick something, somewhere or someone you really love and draw it for us (create your own artistic representation that captures your love for it/them).

2. What is inside the Magic Box?

3. What spells would you cast with a magic wand? Can you show us what it would look like?

Please do remember to save your work for us to see it. :)



Tuesday 2nd June


Mathematics Activity:

Today we are going to play a game called Magic Coins. This will allow us to recognise and understand the value of coins, you will use your maths magic to add up a variety of coins and use different combinations of coins to add up to a total of 20P.

You will need several of the following coins, any of these that you have at home, perhaps even play money or you could use the image below and write your chosen coin numbers out instead.

Do ask an adult to support you, to show your working and to check your answers.


1P, 2P, 5P, 10P and 20P

How many different combinations did you use and find to add up to a total of 20P?

You could also try and have a go at taking away a variety of magic coins too,  show your answers and working to an adult at home.


Upload your chosen Magic Coins examples (shown in coins or written out) to our Twitter page.


Here are Mrs Mirza's examples:

10P + 10P = 20P

5P + 5P + 5P + 5P = 20P


Physical Activity:

Fox Hill Dancing Challenge

Well done to those who took part in our last Distance Dancing video: 

Today you’re being set the FINAL DANCE CHALLENGE using this video: 


Once you feel confident with all of the steps, please ask your parents/carers to film it. Parents/carers can then send the video to our school Facebook or Twitter pages:

The aim is for the videos to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage.

For Parents/carers: By sending your videos, you are giving permission for them to be used.

Costumes (and proton packs) encouraged! 

Good luck and get dancing! 

Videos to be sent by 12pm on Friday 5th June. 



Monday 1st June


Listening Activity:

Listen to the song below, Love is Something - Magic Penny

What do you think this song above is about? What is the meaning behind the song? Talk to someone at home about it.


Sing the song below to the tune of "Three Blind Mice".

You can use the backing track below to help you with singing the song.


Love, Love, Love

Creative Activity:

Our story tells us about Magic,the Wood and Fireflies.

Have a go at one of these crafts below, or you can create a magic trick yourself to share with us on our Twitter page. You can upload a video of your trick or a photo of your craft. We really look forward to seeing your craft or magic trick.


Glow Firefly:


Magic Leaf Rubbing:

First, you will need to collect some leaves. Bring them inside and arrange them onto a piece of copy paper with the bumpy side up. (You don't have to lay a piece of paper down under the leaves - it just helps collect some of the leaf pieces and makes clean-up quicker. )

Then lay another piece of paper gently on top, trying not to move the leaves from their position. (You can use any paper but water-colour paper would work great.) Use a white crayon to make rubbings of the leaves. An adult could help you hold the paper which keeps the leaves in place.

This is the "magic" part of the project. The leaves magically appear when water-colours are painted on top.

Toilet Roll Firefly Light:

Grab a toilet roll, a torch, cling film and your own picture of a firefly made out of paper.
Put the clingfilm over one side of the toilet roll and then stick your firefly on to the clingfilm. Then put the torch inside of the toilet roll at the open end. Turn out the lights and turn on your torch! You will see your Firefly light up! You can also create other pictures or even use foam stickers if you have some.


Firefly Lamp:


Daily Phonics Lessons Online


Exciting news, there are now online lessons for phonics provided by the Government following Letters and Sounds which we use in school. Please see the letter below for more information.


Rather than watch lessons live each day, we started a day behind so you can access the lesson from the previous day at a time convenient to you and your child(ren). There are two lessons to choose from, the 'Learning to Blend lessons' or the 'Reception lessons'. We suggest starting with the 'Learning to Blend', this will help you and your child(ren) get started. You will know whether your child(ren) is then confident enough to move onto the 'Reception lessons'.


If you haven't started the lessons yet, watch the introduction yourself and then with your child(ren) select lesson 1. If you have already begun with the lessons, watch the next lesson number.

Learning to Blend Lesson 25 - this has not been updated further.

Reception Lesson 29

Click on the following link to play them:

To help you when doing any writing

Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw Families stories and Calm Me time (relaxation and mindfulness practice) audios are available on the home page with additional activities to complete.




Monday 11th May

I finally re-made my Owl craft today. I will probably have to re-do the wings as the leaf has crumpled due to the amount of glue I used ( only because I did not want the birds to take it again! ) I also made some sweet potato muffins , they aren’t very pretty- looking but they are pretty scrumptious! Have you done any baking? I’ve also included a photo from VE Day with my popular raspberry cheesecake mini-loaves. What a busy day! 


Tuesday 12th May

Today it is Florence Nightingale's 200th Birthday as well as International Nurses day. Florence introduced modern nursing to us. She was an amazing woman. To celebrate her and International Nurses day, a service is usually held in Westminster Abbey, London. A symbolic lamp is passed from one nurse to another, to display the giving of knowledge. I spent today, reading about Florence and also thought of all the amazing Nurses who are helping the people right now during our current time.

I also did some tower building with Lenny's cousin, Longie and we played a board-game called Cluedo. I won!


Wednesday 13th May

I spent today, crafting a spiral snake plate with Mrs Mirza's daughter, Lujayn. It was a lot of fun. The rest of the day, I played outside and helped to make oreo truffles. Delicious!


Thursday 14th May

I enjoyed the Mathematics activity today, after seeing some of your replies on Twitter, I decided to measure some things too. In the late afternoon, I did some more baking. I made chocolate cake which was super tasty. I think I should apply for the Great British Bake Off!


Friday 15th May

I played music today. I used several different instruments including a xylophone and drums. It was a lot of fun! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hope you have a good weekend too!


Monday 18th May

Today during outside play, I enjoyed playing with sensory water with shells and pretended to be at the beach! The next few days it's going to be very warm, I am looking forward to eating Ice-cream and sitting in the sun.

Tuesday 19th May

I played outside today and ate two ice-creams , but it got quite hot. I decided to cool down by playing with Play-Doh inside for a little while , creating a variety of shapes and animals. That was equally as much fun!

Wednesday 20th May

It was another garden play day today! And it was even more exciting as I splashed around in the pool, it took a little while to get dry again though! Have you had a splash about yet?


Thursday 21st May

I loved playing on the swing today and as it was another warm and sunny day, I created some chalk drawings, thanks to the weather they will stay for a little while!


Friday 22nd May

Today it is the last day of term, I am looking forward to enjoying the sun we have coming our way, I hope you have a lovely time too. I have done some more baking today, a mini three-tiered cake!


Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May

It has been a lovely week, splashing in the pool mostly. I also enjoyed a barbecue but the highlight for me this week was watching the first commercial rocket Crew Dragon by SpaceX fly into space and dock with the International Space Station. It was a historic moment, I hope you got to see it too! If not, ask an adult at home to show you online.

It was amazing!

Monday 1st June

It was a very hot day today, I did a little bit of gardening and played with water and bubbles. I love bubbles! I’m sure you do too. Mrs Mirza’s daughter got a new bubble blower in the post today, it made my day!


Tuesday 2nd June

Today I splashed around in the pool , playing with measuring cups and water toys. Once I finished playing in the paddling pool, I enjoyed some fishing indoors. I managed to catch a Dolphin, a Walrus and the Flame Anthias fish!


Wednesday 3rd June

It wasn’t as warm today but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun outside! I played in the sandpit in the morning and I spent the afternoon colouring in a “under the sea” colouring book which I found very relaxing. 


Thursday 4th June

Today it was another cool day which meant that it was the perfect day to play some games indoors. My favourite game is the Alphabet board. I spent the entire afternoon playing and practising my Alphabet. I love it so much that I have already decided that I will continue playing this game tomorrow; Friday. I am confident that I will know the entire alphabet backwards by the end of the weekend!

From next week, I will start my marvellous mentions, I will post a weekly photo with a positive word or quote. You will find this on the new merged nursery and reception home-learning page. See you there!