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Have you had a look at Marmaduke's diary below?

Have you put any of your home learning on to Fox Hill's Twitter page? Don't worry about sending it to your 2 Build A Profile account... that was proving a bit tricky!







Mrs Short, Mrs Mirza, Mrs Cowley, Miss Ellison, Mrs Linska and Miss Vernon are missing you lots and hope you are okay.


This is where you will find two daily tasks by 9am each day. Please read and complete the two tasks listed below and then choose anything you fancy doing from the document 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas'. Make sure you snuggle up once a day with a good book. Try and sound out as many words as you can and get a grown up to help you with tricky words. Enjoy yourselves :)





Friday 3rd April


  1. Expressive Arts Activity: Can you draw, paint or make your own rabbit? Please take a photo and add it to Twitter for your teachers to see. What colour will your rabbit be? How fluffy will it look? How can you make it’s tail? Will it be jumping, standing, smiling?
  2. Maths Activity: Go on a shape hunt around your house or flat. If you have a garden, or go for a walk have a look outside too. Can you find anything that looks like a square, a triangle, a circle or a rectangle? Can you challenge yourself even further to think about 3D shapes, such as a cone, a cylinder, a cube, a sphere or a cuboid. Take photos of what you find and send them to your teachers on Twitter
  3. Have a read of the Easter story on Mrs Holloway’s Year 1 home leaning page. The rabbits in our story this week reminded me of the Easter Bunny. The next two weeks are our Easter Holidays. You may not be able to go on holiday or see your friends but your teachers hope you have a nice time with your families and maybe have a cheeky Easter egg, or two! Stay safe and be good.


Thursday 2nd April


  1. Communication and Language Activity: Little Rabbit lives in a city. We live in a town. What is our town called? Ask everyone in your home what their favourite part of our town is and why. What do you like about our town? Mrs Short loves to walk in Swinley Forest and Mrs Cowley loves our new town centre.
  2. Maths Activity: If Brown Rabbit’s bus ride took 7 minutes each way, how many minutes would he be on the bus if he went to the city and back home again in one day? Show your working. (Parents and Carers may remind children afterwards that this is doubling again).


Wednesday 1st April


  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Activity: Today is April Fools Day. Traditionally people might of told jokes or tricked people on this day. Instead, why don’t you see how many people or how many times you can make someone smile. How will you do it? Draw a picture of all of the ways that worked! Did you enjoy making other people smile? How did it make you feel? Can you do it 10 times in a whole day? (Some ideas could include saying nice things, helping your grown ups or pulling a silly face)
  2. Writing/Phonics Activity: Write down the missing words in these sentences. You may find it helpful to watch our story again from Monday’s post.
    1. Little Rabbit found _______ (colour) Rabbit.
    2. Little Rabbit felt _____(emotion) when he saw the city lights.
    3. At the end of the story the bus was ______ (colour).
    4. Now write a sentence about your favourite part of the story. 


Tuesday 31st March:


  1. Music Activity: In our story, Brown Rabbit makes lovely music. Have a go at making up your own song. You can sing or use instruments. If you don’t have any instruments, perhaps have a go at making a shaker using a container and rice or pasta. We would love to see photos or clips of you performing your songs on Twitter. If your parents or carers are not sure how to do this tell them to email the school and Mrs Short will try her best to help.
  2. Maths Activity: Little Rabbit found Brown Rabbit at the park. That means there were 2 rabbits altogether. How many rabbits would there be if this amount doubled? And what if it doubled again? Remember when you double a number you need to add the same number again. For exampe to find double 3 you do 3 + 3 using toys or items to check your counting. You should get the answer 6.  

Monday 30th March


  1. Watch this Youtube video:

  2. Understanding the World Activity: Our story makes us think about light and dark. Why don’t you have a go at doing some shadow drawings. You can do this by putting a toy or item by a window and place paper behind it. Trace the outline of the shadow with a pencil. Can you find lots of different shaped items to try?

  3. Phonics Activity: Have a look at the document below called ‘Phonics Challenge’ and see if you can write the words from our story. You can either print the document out or write the words on a plain piece of paper. If you find it tricky, remember you can use the soundmats that are saved below.  


Friday 27th March


  1. Maths Activity: Play the direction game! Blindfold a member of your family and then take it in turns to be the guide. Direct the blindfolded person around the room and into a different room using only your words. Try using words such as: turn, stop, forward, backwards, sideways, left, right.
  2. Physical Activity: Google ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ and choose one of the videos on Youtube. Find a nice space in your house to have a go. Maybe someone in your family could have a go too! 


Thursday 26th March


  1. Phonics Activity: Choose a book and carefully look through it. How many words in your book have the following sounds in, and when you spot them read the word aloud: th, ch, ng or sh.
  2. Understanding the World Activity: List all of the technology you or your family use in your home or at school. How do you know something is electronic?


Wednesday 25th March


  1. Maths Activity: List as many addition sums as you can that have a total of 10. Count using toys or other objects to check. 
  2. Understanding the World Activity: List all of the things you can see out of your window or in your garden that are alive. Remember when we talked about this in science week. Does it grow? Can it breathe? Look up and down!


Tuesday 24th March


  1. Phonics Activity: How many things can you find around your home that begins with the same sound as your name. For example Bob might find: a blanket, bells, beans and a bucket. Try and make a list on paper. An adult can help you but see how many sounds you can hear by yourself first.
  2. Health and Self Care Activity: With a grown ups help get 10 items of food out of the kitchen cupboards or fridge. Sort them into two groups: healthy and unhealthy and discuss why. What are the ingredients? How has it been made?


Monday 23rd March


  1. Maths Activity: Play the Position Game! Take it in turns with someone in your family to hide a toy or teddy. When the other person finds it they must use their words to describe it's position before moving it. Try using words like: next to, in front of, beside, in between, behind, underneath, below, on top of or above. 
  2. Expressive Arts and Design Activity: Make a rainbow picture. This could be painted, drawn with pencils or a collage of materials. Place it in your window so it can be seen when people walk past. If you go for a walk with an adult see if you can spot any others.

To help you when doing any writing

Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw have added Jigsaw Families stories and Calm Me time (relaxation and mindfulness practice) audios on their  home page with additional activities to complete.

The Jigsaw Big Sing has also started with the fantastic Jigsaw song, ‘Together as One’, along with learning activities and are inviting you to upload yourself singing Together as One.

At 3pm on April 14th the collage of videos will go LIVE (same link) so children (and grown-ups) can watch and see if their video made it to the final cut.






Mrs Short came to pick me up from school today. I was starting to feel lonely so I sent her a message. When we got to her house, I fell asleep on the sofa with Toby the dog. He seems nice and the sofa was so snuggly. In the evening we had a treat and ordered pizzas. It was really fun but I do miss everyone from my class. 



Today was a great day for gardening. The herbs really needed sorting out as they had been left over the winter months. I was so tired after doing all of the gardening that I needed to sit down. I read one of my favourite books and then had a glass of water and an apple. What did you do in the lovely sunshine today boys and girls? I hope you are remembering to wear your sun hats! 



Joe Wicks doesn't do his online PE lessons at the weekend so I thought I would keep fit by playing basketball with a few of my new friends. To make it fair I promised not to use my wings and fly up to the net. We were only allowed to jump. I scored six points but the bunny team won with 10.



Today has been a quiet, calm day. I have been playing a matching game and watched a film. Mrs Short said it's okay sometimes to have a lazy day and rest, especially when I feel a bit sad and worried about not seeing my friends. There is a YouTube video at the top of this page called Time to come in, Bear. I liked that one. Do you want to watch it?



I spent a lot of today playing with Mrs Short's daugther's toy kitchen. It was nice of her to share it with me. We baked a pretend orange cake and drank pretend tea. We had lots of fun. Tomorrow I might try and bake something with Mrs Short in the real kitchen so today was good practise! I wonder what all of the girls and boys from my class are doing? I wonder if they made up a song like Mrs Short asked them to. I would love to see photos :)



I made bread today! I copied a man on 'This Morning' and used flour, salt, yeast, water and oil. We had to wait for it to get really big before putting it in the oven. It was tasty with some ham and cucumber for lunch. Check out the photos below. 



Today we had a great idea. We wanted to play in the garden but keep all of my toys clean and dry. It was a bit sunny today but not all the time. Mrs Short pumped up her swimming pool! We didn't put any water in it though. Just toys! Then we climbed in and had a play! It was fun. 


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