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Hello Nursery!


Below you will find a list of activities for you to choose from each week when you are at home. Please click on the star for the current week. Make sure you share at least one book with an adult or another relative or friend every day. This will really help your early reading skills. If you want an additional challenge you can head over to the Reception Home Learning page and have a go at their activities too!


Dear Parents


Following feedback during our phone calls last week, I have decided to simplify the home learning tasks. Each week I will post a video of me reading a story and a range of activities. Once you have listened to the story with your child, you are welcome to do any of the activities in any order! I have included more tasks on Purple Mash and additional arts, crafts and cooking activities to reflect what you have told me you are doing at home. Please do let me know if there is anything else you would like to see included smiley



Home Learning Through Play Ideas

Dear Parents


If you are anything like me, you may be looking for a simple way to talk about Coronavirus with your young children. I have found this lovely poem today which I hope will help smiley

Ideas for Parents - Teddy Bear School


If your child is missing their friends and teachers, you could set up a home school for teddy bears!  Make a semi-circle of cuddly toys and ask your child to be the teacher. If they aren’t confident you could model being the teacher first. A piece of paper and a clipboard or just a notebook makes a good register to start the day. You could follow this with a ‘maths meeting’ just like we do at school. Your child could teach the toys our days of the week song and talk about the day and the weather. They could also practise counting with the toys using silly voices (tired, witchy, grumpy, sad, excited, happy). A familiar routine like this can be comforting to a child when everything around them is topsy turvy.

Ideas for Parents - Daily Timetable


Home Learning doesn't just happen through planned activities! Here are some ideas for making the most of the learning opportunities throughout your day smiley 

Online learning opportunities:

Useful websites and apps to explore: - you can sign up for free at present to access the full range of resources using the code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS - you can sign up for free for the next 30 days to access outdoor learning ideas

BBC CBeebies Bedtime Story App

BBC CBeebies Go Explore App

BBC CBeebies Get Creative App

Meet the Number Blocks App

Meet the Alpha Blocks App

Home Learning Challenges for Nursery (1)

Nursery Rhyme Booklet

Worksheets and Activity Ideas