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Maths Pirate Workshop Day

At Fox Hill we are encouraging everyone to enjoy maths through interesting and exciting workshops. We arranged a whole school Maths Pirate Workshop day, led by Captain Morgan from as creatives. Everyone had a fantastic day and we were all challenged and inspired to complete brilliant maths work.

Numbers and Nibbles

On Monday 26th February, we invited parents and carers into our classes to help solve maths problems. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 demonstrated their fantastic Maths knowledge through a Maths Meeting to begin with and then moved onto problem solving. Every parent remarked how successful it had been and how they would very much enjoy attending another similar session. We look forward to seeing more parents and carers at future similar sessions!

Times Tables Competition

Fox Hill have held their first ever Times Tables Competition! It was a great success with each year group from KS2 getting involved. House Captains helped to organise and run the competition by giving out prizes, working out the scores and helping to decide who finished the questions first.

Maths and Muffins

We are looking into running another Maths and Muffins morning session. Parents and children came along to learn about how Maths is taught at Fox Hill. Each year group had a table set up with various maths resources and after an introduction from the Deputy Head, the parents went to their class' table to learn more about how maths is taught. It was a great success with many parents asking when the next morning session will be!

Fox Hill uses 2 schemes for teaching Maths:


Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 use Maths Mastery. This fantastic scheme encourages a lot of practical work throughout the year groups. It also introduces the idea of Maths Meetings which are an extra daily 15 minute maths session whereby up to 10 different topics are covered! The children love the fast paced, repetitive nature of it.

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 all use White Rose Maths Hub to teach Maths. We encourage as much practical maths as possible with a variety of resources - beadstrings, cubes, dienes, number lines, number squares and more!