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Hot Chocolate Fridays with Mrs Coxell

Each week, as normal, teachers will be asked to nominate children who have shone within their learning. These children will then receive hot chocolate with Mrs Coxell. However, as schools are currently closed, these will be virtual. Each child will receive a voucher to exchange for a real hot chocolate when we return. 

I wonder who will be chosen this week...

Friday 5th June:

  • Francesca (Y1) and Lukas (Y1) for their funky clown designs on Purple Mash this week.

  • Eloise (Y2) and Mia (Y2) for completing all home learning tasks this week. 
  • Lloyd (Y3) for accessing online learning and making a death mask and a sundial. Also Toby (Y3) for planning and making a death mask before the work was set!
  • Frankie (Y4) and Lily-Jane (Y4) for detailed work identifying the properties of quadrilaterals.
  • Jayden (Y5) for kindly clearing litter from South Hill Park and protecting nature.
  • Brae (Y6) for completing a great piece of art using an online tutorial and Ronnie (Y6) for a fantastic biography on Ali A which was enjoyable and interesting to read.


Friday 22nd May:

  • Hollie (Y1) for persevering with counting on in twos this week, shown in a video sent into school for Miss Holloway to see and Faith (Y1) for setting a wonderful snowy scene for her penguin on Purple Mash.

  • Maya (Y2) for completing all Purple Mash 2Dos with enthusiasm and keeping us informed of each stage of the butterfly life cycle. 
  • Finley (Y3) for working so well on online tasks especially how to stay safe online with emails.
  • Hayden FB (Y4) for consistent work on his times tables.
  • Grace (Y5) for a detailed and informative piece of writing on food rationing.
  • Harrison and Gladys (Y6) - both for completing so much home learning to a high standard and for sharing it on our blog.


Friday 15th May:

  • Jack (Y1) and Frankie (Y1) for partaking in all activities on Purple Mash.

  • Natasha (Y2) for her super work on capacity this week and Mckenzie (Y2) for his creative PE session with his dad (wearing his school kit).
  • Oscar C (Y3) for the quality of his work and especially for his mummified sausage rolls! Lucas (Y3) for being so conscientious with his work, asking for feedback on his learning. Leo (Y3) for his creative PE session with his dad (wearing his school kit).
  • Isaac (Y4) for his fantastic topic work on Ancient Egypt.
  • Megan (Y5) and Ellie (Y5) for their very moving diary entries in-role as a character from Letters from the Lighthouse and Ryan (Y5) for his creative PE session with his dad (wearing his school kit).
  • Lily (Y6) for completing a very good piece of writing and also engaging fully in our silly SATS week and Mason (Y6) for his creative PE session with his dad (wearing his school kit).


Friday 1st May:

  • Anna (Y1) for hot chocolate this week for making an ‘out of this world’ solar system and some delicious moon cakes and Theo (Y1) for writing a fantastic postcard from the moon.

  • Macy (Y2) for her dedication within her maths learning this week and for challenging herself to revisit previous topics and Yasmin (Y2) for her enthusiasm on the Purple Mash Blog. 
  • Freya (Y3) for her determination to improve her online work and for her enthusiasm in school.
  • Ella (Y4) for wonderful enthusiasm in all her home learning.
  • Edyta (Y5) for asking for support with her maths and acting upon the feedback she was given.
  • Isabella in (Y6) for some high-level writing which she even edited when I gave her some feedback.


Friday 23rd April:

  • Ruby W (Reception) for the vast amount of work she has completed.
  • Freddie (Y1) for writing an excellent story and Anjali (Y1) for the vast amount of work she has completed.
  • Eloise (Y2) for completing all home learning tasks to such a high standard and Thomas S (Y2) his fantastic work on shapes (particularly his 3D shape palace).
  • Meena (Y3) for excellent effort with home learning, especially her science work on plants this week and Poppy W (Y3) for the vast amount of work she has completed.
  • Mylo (Y4) for the amazing story he wrote yesterday and Frankie (Y4) for top scores on Purple Mash.
  • Marliah (Y5) for her positive attitude to maths this week and continuing to persevere even when it's tricky.
  • Jessica (Y6) for persevering with her maths this week - she's made Mrs Filisetti very proud.


Friday 3rd April:

  • Nina (Nursery) For taking part in the home learning challenges and being a fab teacher to her teddies.
  • Zachary (Y1) for completing lots of his home learning.
  • Sebastien (Y2) for completing all home learning tasks and being extra helpful around the house.
  • Poppy (Y3) for attempting to do so many home learning tasks and blogging about them on our class blog.
  • Lauren (Y4) for engaging in all the online tasks and Mylo (Y4) for a fantastic newspaper article about our class text.
  • Maddison (Y5) for her perseverance and resilience when completing her Purple Mash tasks.
  • Maja (Y6) for being so thorough with her home learning, especially Maths!


Friday 27th March:

  • Sophie B (Y1) for her beautiful self-portrait on Purple Mash.
  • Rylie (Y2) for using resources to support his learning in maths and Maddie (Y2) for her lovely phrases about a window.
  • Emily A (Y3) for her regular posts on our blog and for helping her sisters with their learning.
  • Maja (Y4) for her home science experiment and Lily-Jane (Y4) for her brilliant racing caterpillars. 
  • Katie (Y5) for making a game related to Antarctica complete with challenge cards, counters, answers, an information sheet and a box for it all!
  • Jaime (Y6) for being an excellent TEAM member and Ronnie (Y6) for his work on capacity in Maths.