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Home Learning

As it is Half Term, we are giving you (and the teachers!) a week off from our home learning. smiley 

However, I am setting a challenge for you, should you wish to join in! 


I would like you to take a photo of something that you feel is beautiful; it could be something that you may not have fully appreciated before we went into lockdown. Please send the photograph along with the reason you chose it. If you are really keen, you could create a collage of photos using an App such as Pic Collage. There are some examples to see below. 


If enough of you join in with our challenge, I will create a display at school with your photos and reasons for selecting them. 


Please send your photo(s) to: using the hashtag #EllisonsLockdownLoveliness 


My examples:


I have chosen this photo as during lockdown I have had the time to truly appreciate the beauty on my doorstep.


I have chosen these photos to remind me of the wonders of nature, our team of fantastic Fox Hill staff and my sourdough starter that took two weeks (and two attempts) to create which I am now using to make sourdough pizza dough. 



Mrs Cooper's photo: 

The joy of sending parcels to people I love. 


Mrs Mirza's photo:

My first baking experience with Lu. 


Mrs Short's photo:


Ms Todd's photo: