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Home Learning w/c 27/04/20

Monkey Do!

1. Listen to Mrs A reading ‘Monkey Do!’ by Allan Ahlberg and then talk about the story with your grown up. What happened in the story? Why didn’t the teachers notice the monkey? Why was the monkey scared of the crocodile? What was your favourite part of the story?


2. Use the internet to research your favourite zoo animal. Where do they live? What do they eat? What colour are they? What are their babies called? Can you draw, paint or collage a picture of your favourite animal?


3. Move like an animal! If you have an outside space, you could go outside to do this activity. Ask your grown up to challenge you to move like different jungle animals, for example a monkey, an elephant, a snake, a tiger or a bear. You could also ask your grown up to play some jungle sound effects for you to move to. If you prefer you could use a YouTube video to help you for example Jack Hartmann’s Animals in Action


4. Make a banana smoothie - Blend together bananas, honey, milk and other soft fruits to make a delicious and healthy drink.


5. Log on to Purple Mash – you will now be taken to the main page instead of straight to Mini Mash. Click on the red tick labelled “To Dos” at the top of the screen. You will see that I have set two tasks for you to do this week. Make sure you save your work!


6. I have also ‘pinned’ the Zoo topic to the Mini Mash home page. Feel free to have a go at any of the activities there, and remember to save them if you can.  


7. Make a handprint monkey! There is an example below for you to follow. You can add googly eyes and a pipecleaner tail if you have any!

8. Make a monkey mask - I have added a printable below or you could make one using a paper plate. When you have finished it you could use it to retell the story of ‘Monkey Do!’


9. Teach your grown up to sing the counting song “5 Little Monkeys”. Here’s a little reminder of how it goes...
        ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
         One fell off and bumped his head
         Mummy called the doctor
         And the doctor said
         “No more monkeys jumping on the bed”’ (remember to make your voice sound cross at the end!)
         Then you keep singing until there are no monkeys left!


10. Our letter of the week this week is “k”. How many things in your house can you find that start with the sound ‘k’? Can you think of anything else that starts with ‘k’? Maybe you could write a list or draw a picture. You can also look at the sound k slideshow on the ‘Reading and Writing’ section of Mini Mash.