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Home Learning w/c 20/04/20

Friday 24th April 


1. Play Musical Corners! Ask your grown up to put a chair in each corner of the room and collect four sets of objects that start with the same sound (ie one group that start with 's', one group that starts with 'a' and so on). They need to keep back one object from each set and then put the different sets of objects on different chairs. Then ask them to play some music for you to dance around to. When the music stops they need to hold up one of the objects that they have kept back and you have to go to the corner where you think the object belongs. Have fun!


2. Make a cool cafe! Ask your grown up to help you set up a cafe at home and take it in turns to be the chef, the waiter and the customer. There are lots of learning opportunities in this activity - here are some ideas of things you could do:


  • Set the table beautifully using a tablecloth (if you have one), plates, cups, cutlery and maybe even some pretty flowers as a centrepiece
  • Write a menu with prices
  • Introduce yourself to your customer and take their order (you can write this down too)
  • Use real food packaging, pans and utensils for your 'cooking'
  • Serve your customer and check whether they are enjoying their food
  • Give your customer the bill and take their money - do they need any change?
  • Don't forget to wash up!


To parents - there are lots of other variations on this theme if you prefer. You could help your child set up a fast food restaurant, a takeaway, a supermarket - the possibilities are endless!


3. Chose an activity from the 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' Resource.

Thursday 23rd April


1. Get measuring! Cut a long-ish strip of paper - you could use a wallpaper off-cut, newspaper or just stick two or three A4 sheets of paper together. Then make some handprints all along the paper - you could use paint or simply draw round your hand. Now it's time to do some measuring! Can you measure how many hands long your favourite cuddly toy is? How many hands long is your favourite book? You measure all sorts of things around your house using your hand prints. Don't forget to post some photos to our school Twitter account if you are able to! If your grown ups need some help with this activity I have uploaded a photo of the handprint measure in action at the bottom of this page.  


2. Become an author! Choose your favourite toy to star in your very own story and find a 'talking object' - it could be a stone, a shell, a stick, a feather or anything else you want. Whoever is holding the talking object gets to tell part of the stary. Let your grown up start with "Once upon a time there was a... called... who went.... Then they will pass the talking object to you so you can decide what happens next. After you have had your turn you will pass it back or to a brother or sister to carry on the story. Keep going for as long as you can! Perhaps you could record yourself and your grown ups telling the story to upload to our school Twitter page!


3. Chose an activity from the 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' Resource.

Wednesday 22nd April


I was excited to see that some children have started using Purple Mash to save their work. If you save work to your tray make sure you check back occasionally to see if I have left a comment!


1. Make a 'trumpet' from a simple cone of paper or lightweight card and explore making different noises through the cones. You could hiss like a snake, beep like a car horn or chirp like a bird. You could also make silly noises, like wheeee, shshshshshshsh, wooooooo, zzzzzzz etc. Ask your grown up to make some silly noises for you to copy!


2. Use a digital camera, mobile phone or tablet to take some photographs of things that are important to you. You could photograph your grown ups, any brothers or sisters, pets and your favourite toys. You could even take some photographs in your garden or during your daily exercise. I would love to see your photos so, as always, please do upload them to the school Twitter account if possible!


3. Chose an activity from the 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' Resource.

Tuesday 21st April


1. Your maths activity for today is on Purple Mash. You should have received your login details for Purple Mash attached to the home learning pack that you were given when school closed. I am aware of one child that does not have a login and that will be provided today by email. If anyone else cannot find their login details please email and we will send you a reminder. To access the activity please do the following:


  • Login to Purple Mash using your login details
  • You should now be taken straight to Mini Mash however if you are not then please click on the Mini Mash icon
  • In the middle of the screen there is a picture of 4 trays with a laptop on top - if you click on the trays you should now see a 'tray' with your name on it and a special picture. This tray is for you to save your work in so that I can see it. No one else can see your tray. 
  • In the top right hand corner of the screen there is a pin with a picture of a fox called "Class Challenges" - click on the fox and you will see today's maths activity called "Look Outside"
  • I would like you to go into the garden, on a walk or simply look out of the window and count how many of each item you see. You can then record this in the pictogram.
  • Once you have recorded what you have seen on your pictogram please press the red back arrow in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will give you the option to SAVE AND EXIT. Please press this button and not the EXIT button! You can then save your pictogram to your own tray and I will be able to see it!


2. Play Kim's Game. Ask your grown up to put 10 things from around the house on a tray - it could be things like a pencil, an orange, some cotton wool, a toy etc. Your grown up will ask you to look carefully at the tray for about thirty seconds. Then your grown up will take the tray away and ask you to call out what you can remember.

Another way of playing the game is for your grown up to cover the things, take one thing away and ask you to spot what is missing. The better you get, the more things your grown up can put on the tray!


3. Chose an activity from the 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' Resource.

Monday 20th April


  1. I would like you to make a special book of your favourite Nursery Rhymes. This project will continue every week until we return to school - you can add a Nursery Rhyme every Monday or more often if you like. I have uploaded a colouring sheet to this page that you can use as your front cover - you can also try to write your own name on the front. You can use some of the Nursery Rhymes that we sing during Rhyme Time at school or you can think of your own ones! You can represent the rhyme in any way you choose, for example drawing a picture, making a collage and/or having a go at writing some of the words. Perhaps you could record yourself and your grown ups saying the Nursery Rhyme to upload to our school Twitter page! The books can be brought into school when we return to share with your friends.
  2. Play Beans! You can play this game with your grown ups and your brothers and sisters if you have any. Your grown up shouts out the name of bean and you need to do the action that goes with it. Here are some ideas to start you off:
  • String beans – stretch up as high as you can.
  • Broad beans – make yourself as wide as you can.
  • Runner beans – run on the spot.
  • Jumping beans – jump on the spot.
  • Jelly beans – shake your whole body like jelly.
  • Baked beans – wipe your forehead and say, ‘Phew!’.
  • Beans on toast – lie flat on the floor.
  • Chilli beans – shiver as though you are very cold.
  • French beans - say ooh la la.

       Can you think of any others?

3.    Chose an activity from the 'Home Learning Through Play Ideas' Resource.