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Home Learning w/c 18/05/20

Peace at Last

1. Listen to Mrs A reading the story ‘Peace at Last’ and talk with your grown up about the story. Why couldn’t Mr Bear sleep? How do you think Mr Bear will feel today? What do you do to help you fall asleep at bedtime? Listen to the story again and join in with the sounds that Mr Bear hears. 

2. In the story Mr Bear hears lot of different sounds. Play the listening game I have linked to on YouTube – can you identify the sounds you hear? (You don’t need the bingo cards.)

Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

3. Your challenge for this week is to re-tell the story of Peace at Last by yourself or with a grown up. Perhaps your grown up can record you telling the story! I have added a story telling sheet which suggests some actions you could use to retell the story. I have also added some pictures which you can use to help you. If you have a printer you could even print them out, mix them up and then try putting them back into the right order!

4. Mr Bear needs somewhere comfortable and quiet to sleep. Make a bed for Mr Bear using junk, blocks, duplo or anything you have to hand. Think about where you would put Mr Bear’s bed so that he can have a restful night’s sleep.

5. Look at the picture of the Bear family. I would like you to count the things you can see in the picture. How many bears are there? How many teacups can you see? How many bear ears can you count? How many slippers are there? How many pairs of slippers are there?

6. I wonder how many teddy bears you have at home? Find your teddies or other cuddly toys and arrange them in size order. Which is the smallest teddy? Which is the biggest teddy? 


7. Make a snack of teddy bear bread! You could make a healthy snack by using peanut butter, banana and raisins. For a treat you could use chocolate spread and marshmallows instead! 

8. Paint a bear using a fork! All you need is some paint, a fork and some paper. Your bear can be any colour you want. Use the prongs of the fork to paint the bear’s fur starting in the middle of its face. When the paint is dry add some ears and draw on its eyes, nose and mouth. You could also put on a ribbon if you’re feeling fancy!
9. Mr Bear goes out to sleep in the garden at night. It is very dark and there are lots of stars in the sky. Some groups of stars make patterns that we call ‘constellations’ (which is a very long word!) Go out in the dark with your grown up and look up in the sky. What patterns can you see? Use the CBeebies guide to help you identify the constellations. There is also a video about stargazing which you can watch. 
10. Look at the CBeebies guide again and have a go at making your own constellation. You can use any materials that you want however I have added two suggestions below (chalk and star stickers or mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks). 

11/12. As usual I have set you two to-dos on Purple Mash. Make sure you ‘hand in’ your work otherwise I can’t comment on it smiley.

13. Our letter of the week this week is ‘n’. Night starts with ‘n’ and so does ‘nyaaow’! I have not added any specific activities for you to do relating to our letter of the week as I have already given you a phonics activity however you can always watch the Jolly Phonics video if you would like to. 

Jolly phonics Letter n song

14. Fox Hill Dancing Challenge ROUND TWO - Well done to those who took part in our last Distance Dancing video This week the whole school have been set a NEW DANCE CHALLENGE. The children are being asked to learn a dance using this video and upload a video to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage. It is a tricky dance but I'd love it if you could join in! Ask you grown up to video you doing some cool moves to the song and then they can send it to our school Facebook or Twitter pages:

For Parents/carers: By sending your videos, you are giving permission for them to be used.

Make sure you have your cowboy hats and USA flags ready! 

Good luck and get dancing! 

Videos to be sent by Friday 22nd May