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Home Learning w/c 11/05/20

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

1. Listen to Mrs A reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and then talk about the story with your grown up. What was your favourite part of the story? What animal would you like to come to tea with you? What would they do? Do you think a tiger really came to tea with Sophie?


2. Sophie went to the cafe and had sausages and chips with an ice cream. What a treat! If you went to the cafe what would you choose? Write a menu for a cafe with your grown up. What main courses are there to choose from? What about dessert? And don't forget the drinks! You could write the menu yourself, draw the menu, copy what your grown up has written, or ask your grown up to scribe it for you.


3. The next morning Sophie and her Mummy went shopping to buy lots more things to eat. Play Shopping List with your grown up. You start by saying "I went to the shops and I bought ....". Your grown up will say "I went to the shops and I bought (the thing that you bought) and ...". Keep adding to the list until one of you forgets an item. You will have to use your listening ears very carefully!


4. Practise counting to 10 or 20 using the voices from the story. Can you count in a growly voice like the tiger? Can you count in a deep voice like daddy? What does Sophie's mummy's voice sound like?


5. Sophie couldn't have her bath because the tiger had drunk all the water! When you are in the bath find some cups and containers to play with. You might even have a teapot you can play with too. When you are playing with the water, tell your grown up about how much water you have. Is your cup full, half-full, half-empty or empty? Is there more water in this cup or the other cup? Can your grown up describe how much water you have in your cup?


6. Watch the video of the tiger and look at its stripes. Its stripey coat is its 'camouflage'. Find out what camouflage is and how it helps tigers. Can you find out how other animals use camouflage to help them?

7. Paint, draw or collage a picture of the tiger's stripes. What colour are they? If you are using paint can you mix two colours together to make orange?


8. Watch the video of the tiger again and listen carefully to the sound it makes. Tigers' roars are very loud and can travel up to 6 kilometres (a really long way!). Now play Roaring Tigers - you could play this games with anyone or everyone that lives with you. If you have an outdoor space you could also play it outside. Have fun being loud and running around!

9. If you want a change from PE with Joe Wicks have a go at this tiger-robics routine!

10. Mrs Coxell has suggested a special challenge for you to do this week! She would like you to get dressed all by yourself (including your socks!) and time how long it takes you. Time yourself every day and see if you can get faster!


11. Log on to Purple Mash and click on the red tick labelled “To Dos” at the top of the screen. You will see that I have set two tasks for you to do this week. Make sure you save your work!


12. Our letter of the week this week is “m”. Watch the Jolly Phonics video below. Someone in the story starts with the sound 'm'. Can you work out who it is? Can you think of anything else that starts with ‘m'?

Jolly Phonics Letter m sound