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Home Learning w/c 04/05/20

Mog and Bunny

1. Listen to Mrs A reading 'Mog and Bunny' and then talk about the story with your grown up. What does Mog like doing with Bunny? Why don't Mr and Mrs Thomas like Bunny? Why did Mog stay out in the garden all night? What other places do you think Mog might put Bunny?


2. This week the whole school have been set a dance challenge. The children are being asked to learn a dance using this video and upload a video to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage. It is a tricky dance but I'd love it if you could join in!

Here is the final video: 


3. Make a shelter for Mog to keep her safe and dry outside - You could use boxes and other packaging or you could make one using some building toys. Think about how you will make it comfy for Mog as well as how you will stop the rain from getting in.


4. Make a rain stick - This one's a bit fiddly so make sure you've got plenty of time to spare! You will need a large cardboard tube (Pringles tubes are the best but a kitchen roll tube should also work), a sheet of foil (about 3 x as long as your tube), some sticky tape, some rice or corn and something to seal the bottom and top of your rain stick. First of all you need to seal up the bottom of the tube. Next you need to scrunch the foil into a long snake and then fold it to create kinks (I have added a picture of this below). Now put your folded foil snake into the tube and carefully pour in the rice or corn. Then seal up the top of your tube and decorate. When you slowly tip the rain stick up and down you should be able to hear the sound of gentle rain falling.


5. Make your own Mog - You could draw or paint her or alternatively try the Mog craft shown below. To make the Mog craft first print out the face and body template. Then stick the face onto the back of a paper plate and stick the paper plate to the body. Cut 2 triangles from black paper and stick them on for eyes. Finally have fun decorating her!


6. Make a rain jar - Time for some science! Make a rain jar by placing a thick layer of paper towels over a glass jar or other transparent container and secure with a rubber band (again, I have added a picture of this below). Then add drops of water to the top of the paper towel. The paper towel should begin to absorb the water. Eventually the paper towel will get really heavy and it won't be able to hold any more water. Then the water will start to drip through the paper towel into the jar. This shows us how a cloud holds water until it finally releases it in the form on rain onto the ground. This activity is particularly effective if you use coloured water.


7. Find out about toys - Bunny was Mog's best thing and my cuddly Mog is my best thing! I wonder what your best thing is? Ask your grown ups about their favourite toys when they were young. Did they play with the same toys that you do now? If you talk to older relatives on the phone or by video ask them about what they played with. If there's something you haven't seen or heard of before use the internet to find out about it.


8. Log on to Purple Mash – you will now be taken to the main page instead of straight to Mini Mash. Click on the red tick labelled “To Dos” at the top of the screen. You will see that I have set two tasks for you to do this week. Make sure you save your work!


9. Our letter of the week this week is “l”. How many things in your house can you find that start with the sound ‘l’? Can you think of anything else that starts with ‘l’? Maybe you could write a list or draw a picture. You can also look at the sound l slideshow on the ‘Reading and Writing’ section of Mini Mash.


10. Just for fun, watch Mog's Christmas Calamity on YouTube. This was the much-loved Sainsbury's advert for Christmas 2015 smiley

Mog's Christmas Calamity | Sainsbury's Ad | Christmas 2015

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert, 2015. Mog sets off a chain of unfortunate events which almost ruin Christmas for the Thomas family. Can she pull it all back to...