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Home Learning w/c 01/06/20


1. Listen to Mrs A reading the story of Kipper. Can you remember all the different places where Kipper tried to sleep? Why did Kipper decide that his basket was the best basket after all?


2. Kipper found it very tricky to stand on one leg like the ducks! Did you know that standing on one leg is a very important skill to learn? Try these activities to help you stand on one leg without wobbling:

  • Pop bubbles with your toes
  • Balance a cuddly toy on top of your foot and lift it up into your toy box to help tidy up
  • Put your shorts, trousers or leggings on standing up
  • How long can you stand on one leg for now? Time yourself every day to see if you can stand for longer!


3. Would you like a puppy like Kipper? Make your very own balloon puppy and take it for a walk! All you need is a balloon, some paper, some ribbon or string, some tape and a sharpie.

  • Blow up your balloon
  • Draw a puppy face on the front
  • Tie the lead on
  • Make paper ears and a tail and stick them on with tape

4/5. Go for a walk with your grown up and collect some sticks to help you with the following activities:


  • Make shapes with your sticks. Can you make a triangle, a square and a rectangle? What can you tell you grown up about the shapes? You won’t be able to make a circle, can you tell your grown up why? It’s because the edge of a circle is curved and your sticks are straight.


  • Have a go at making a new nest for the squirrels with your sticks. You will need a lot of sticks for this just like Kipper!


6. Order the letters in your name using Kipper’s bone! Ask your grown up to help you make a name puzzle like the one below. You can use the template or you can make your own by drawing a bone shape on a piece of A4 paper. Cut up the sections and mix up the letters. Can you say what the letters are? Can you put them in order to make your name? How quickly can you put them in order? After you’ve ordered the letters, use the completed jigsaw to copy your name.

7. Learn the counting rhyme “Five Little Acorns”. It’s all about Mr Squirrel!

8. Make your own Kipper from a toilet roll tube! You will need a toilet roll tube, a cereal packet or similar, some paper, some paint or felt tip pens, a sharpie and some googly eyes if you have them. If you don’t have googly eyes, don’t worry – you can draw the eyes on with the sharpie instead.

  • Paint or colour your toilet roll tube
  • Cut out ears and a nose from the paper and colour them black
  • Stick the ears, nose and googly eyes on to the toilet roll tube
  • Cut out paws and a tail from the cereal box and paint or colour them too – you can add some details to the paws and the tail to make them look more realistic
  • Stick on the paws and the tail and your Kipper is complete!
9/10. As usual I have set you two to-dos on Purple Mash. Make sure you ‘hand in’ your work otherwise I can’t comment on it.


11. Play I Spy With My Little Eye on the Mister Teach YouTube channel. You can pause the video if you need more time to look at the pictures (I did!).


Phase 1 Phonics I Spy Game | I spy, with my little eye...

Phase 1 Phonics Eye Spy Game | Eye spy, with my little eye... This is a great phase 1 phonics game compatible with the Letters and Sounds scheme to encourage...

12. Our letter of the week this week is ‘o’. Watch the Jolly Phonics video. What else can you think of that starts with the sound ‘o’? I thought of “ostrich” but there are lots of others. Can you write the letter ‘o’?

Jolly Phonics /o/ - Sound, Song, Vocabulary and Blending

Fox Hill Dancing Challenge


Well done to those who took part in our last Distance Dancing video:


Today you’re being set the FINAL DANCE CHALLENGE using this video:


Once you feel confident with all of the steps, please ask your parents/carers to film it. Parents/carers can then send the video to our school Facebook or Twitter pages:

The aim is for the videos to be used to create a Fox Hill dance montage.


For Parents/carers: By sending your videos, you are giving permission for them to be used.


Costumes (and proton packs) encouraged! 

Good luck and get dancing! 

Videos to be sent by 12pm on Friday 5th June