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Week of 20/4

Friday 24th April


This week we have learnt all about Orangutans, Palm-Oil and their Home.

We have loved seeing your posts on Twitter. Your Orangutan craft was fantastic Jacob and your Orangutan drawing was superb Oscar. We enjoyed watching your Orangutan Tree Swing song performance Ruby and well done for finding the meaning of Orangutan on our page which means 'Man of the Forest'.

The fact-sheet you made Mya was very interesting and good learning for all of us too.

The writing practise you’ve shared with us has been very impressive Gemma and Olivia.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Twitter next week!


Expressive Arts Activity: Meringue-utans! Here’s a recipe to create Meringue-utans at home. Take some photos of  your creation and share with us on our Twitter. You could also use the Moon-Dough recipe ( Shown in Marmaduke's Diary) and create a Moon-Dough-Tan instead!




Maths Activity: Rang-Tan is orange, can you find 5-10 or even better, as many everyday objects at home inside or outside in your garden that are orange coloured too? Can you place these objects in size order? Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large - Show us what objects you have found on our Twitter.


Use the Orangutan Hand resource to compare your hand size to the Rang-Tan’s hand size.



Thursday 23rd April


Don't forget that tonight it is the World Book Night, snuggle up with a good book or listen to an Audio book and join everyone around the world in the pleasure of enjoying a book. What book will you choose?


Communication and Language Activity: The Orangutan’s favourite food is Honey and fruit from the Durian tree. This Fruit has a very strong smell and tastes somewhat like sweet, cheesy, garlic custard! What is your favourite food and why? Ask everyone at home what their favourite food is too. Mrs Mirza’s favourite food is Spaghetti because it is delicious and quick to cook! She also loves cheese as she finds that it can be eaten with anything and at any time! Mrs Short's favourite food is Chicken Tikka and she loves chocolate too whilst Miss Ellison's favourite food is Risotto and Chinese. YUM!


Maths Activity: If we flew to Rang-tan’s home in Borneo, our flight would take 15 hours one way. How long would it take on a return, going there and coming back home? Show your working, use objects to support your counting. (Adults to support and remind that this is doubling, double the 10, then double the 5 and combine. Adult could give a model of another number such as 12: 10 + 10 equals 20, 2 + 2 equals 4, 20 + 4 equals 24, this is the double of 12.)




Wednesday 21st April


Rainforest Sounds Activity Answers:
1. Leaf monkey
2. Peacock
3. Hornbill
4. Gibbon
5. Orangutan


Today is Earth day , Why don't you have a try at growing something at home (or show us what you have been growing already) , using scraps of vegetables or perhaps seeds from a strawberry. We look forward to seeing what you have grown on Twitter.


Personal, Social and Emotional Activity:

Choose the correct words below to describe a Rainforest:








How do you think the Rang-Tan feels to be so far away from her home in the Rainforest? Write a postcard home in role as the Rang-tan , if you do not want to write, you can explain your ideas to someone at home.


Writing/Phonics Activity: Create your own Rang-tan for your bedroom using support from the images below, or the Orangutan Craft resource. Add your own favourite words to describe your Rang-Tan or use these sentences:

  1. This is a picture of ..................................................................................................
  2. The three best words to describe my Rang-Tan are ……….., …………. and …………
  3. Rang-Tan’s favourite thing in my bedroom is ......................................................


We look forward to seeing a photo on our Twitter of your Orangutan in your bedroom with your favourite words or the given sentences.




Tuesday 21st April


Music Activity: Rainforests are buzzing with life, close your eyes and listen to the Rainforest Sounds below, imagine what it would be like to visit a Sumatran Rainforest, which sound comes from an Orangutan? Can you match them to the animals below? (The answers will be revealed tomorrow.) Listen to the Orangutan’s Tree Swing song, have a go at learning this song and recording your performance for us and your classmates to see on Twitter or you can perform this to an audience at home.


Rainforest Sounds



Orangutan's Tree Swing Song



Maths Activity: Orangutan’s are at danger of becoming extinct due to the use of palm – oil and deforestation. Let’s try to increase our own Orangutans by completing our Rang-Tan Mathematics, can you double- up the Rang-Tan’s to make up 20? How many Rang-tan’s do you need to add per line? Show your working to an Adult at home. 20 x 29 pupils in our class makes 580 Orangutans, now isn’t that a (small but mighty) start!



Monday 20th April




There's a Rang Tan in my Bedroom

Watch the Video above : There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom


Understanding the World Activity: Our story makes us think about the effects of Palm Oil on animals like the Orangutan. Go on a hunt at home to see what items you have that contain Palm oil such as shampoos or chocolate. Have you found any other items that contain Palm oil? Which did you find? We would love to see what items you have found,  share it with us on our Twitter page.


Writing/ Phonics Activity: Practise our Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds by using the sound mats resource. We have hidden the meaning of “Orangutan” somewhere on this page. Have you found it? Once you have found it, write it on a piece of paper and show us on Twitter what the meaning is. Watch the YouTube video above and read along with the poem, making the facial expressions just like the characters in the story. Did you choose to act like the little girl or the Rang-tan? Now write your own describing words for the little girl and the Rang-tan. Can you tell someone at home what is happening?  And how each character is feeling? A) Complete the columns below, some words might not go in either column! B) Explain why you have chosen the words to someone at home.