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Welcome to Reception!



To kick off our second half term in Reception, we are going to learn all about Diwali and the story behind it. The story is about Princess Situ being saved by Prince Rama and his friends from a demon called Ravana. We will then go on to learn about light and dark before ending with lots of festive crafts and activities in December!


Literacy: During this half term we will encourage the children to hear the sounds in CVC words (words with a consonant, vowel, consonant like cat, dog and vet). The children will be reading and writing these words everyday in phonics and handwriting lessons as well as in their own writing books weekly with an adult. You will start seeing lots of progress soon!


Maths: The program we follow for maths covers lots of aspects many times over the year. This half term covers measure for a week, including: height, weight, capacity and time, shapes (both 2D and 3D) and as always our numbers from 0-20. We want the children to understand numbers fully- from what they look like as a numeral, as a set of objects, as claps and in a number line. That's really tricky when you are only 4 or 5 years old! 


Creative: We love encouraging the children to develop their own creative ideas. This could be in role play games with their friends or when making things at the messy table. The children can access a range of materials, colours and textures at all times to do so! They got stuck into colouring and cutting out rangoli patterns on day one of term! As it gets closer to Christmas we will do lots of festive crafts, cards, pictures and of course singing.... ready for our nativity!! 


Understanding the World: This term's topics are great for helping the children learn about the world around them. From discussing different faiths and beliefs to investigating which items provide light and dark and which of our resources is ran on electricity, batteries or nothing! The stories of Diwali and of Christmas provide an insight into different customs and traditions. 


PSHE: We follow a scheme called Jigsaw in Fox Hill and it provides us with starting points for weekly chats with our class mascot, Jenny Jigsaw. These circle times provide the children with an opportunity to open up adn their thoughts and feelings. We cover a range of topics from what we are good at, how we are the same and different to others and how we feel in certain, tricky situations. 


Communication and Language: Our daily chatterbags will continue as they are helping the children to listen, discuss, ask questions and explain their own knowledge very effectively. It is also helping them get to know one another, which is lovely to see. 


Physical Education: We continue with weekly PE lessons in this half term and the first thing for children to practise is changing back into their school clothes by themselves. We promote independence and resilience in these times! We will also be listening to music from other countries and cultures and seeing how we can dance and move to them. Mrs Short will also be getting some PE equipment out in the main school hall so they children can practise their climbing and balancing skills!  



Image result for characteristics of learning


These are the characteristics of Learning from the Early Years Curriculum. We encourage all children to develop these traits and skills throughout the year. 



Pictures from our Diwali topic so far!

Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 1
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 2
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 3
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 4
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 5
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 6
Pictures from our Diwali topic so far! 7

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